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Agni and Rudra, also known as "The Firestorm" are minor villains in Devil May Cry 3. They are brothers who serve as guardians of the Temen-ni-gru.


Agni and Rudra are demonic swords with their own 2 heads on the helms of the swords. They both use headless demon bodies so they can walk. They both have very similar appearances, but also have some differences.


Agni is the red demonic sword. He can create and manipluate fire.


Rudra is the blue demonic sword. He can manipluate wind.

Devil May Cry 3

When Dante entered the Firestorm Chamber, he encountered the demon brothers; Agni and Rudra. They haven't had a guest for awhile so they wanted to be "Gracious Hosts." Dante demands them to let him go by, they refused and attacked Dante.

Both Agni and Rudra fight with sword combat and doing running slashes, but Agni fights with fire, and Rudra fights with Wind. After one of them gets defeated, the other one tries to grab the sword and fights with a dual sword, doubling their power.

After Dante defeats both of them, Agni and Rudra ask to be taken with him as Devil Arms. Dante agrees to their request, but on one condition; Agni and Rudra remain quiet.


  • In Hinduism, Agni is the god of fire and Rudra is the god of the storm, thought to be an early form of Shiva. Agni is also thought to be the accepter of sacrifices while Rudra is also thought to be a god of diseases.
  • Though Agni and Rudra did not make an appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, their Devil Arm form do make an appearance as Dante's weapons.
  • The weapons Durga from Bayonetta is similar to Agni & Rudra in terms of colors and the elemental abilities, although the Durga is lightning based while Rudra is wind elemental.


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