Agora Tchotchke is one of the antagonists of Riley's story in The Sims Life Stories, she's Riley archnemesis for Mickey heart, as she came to welcome her to the Four Corners after her aunt left. She seem to play the friendly role at first and of course she know that Riley is also interested by Mickey Smith. Which doesn't make Agora happy when she know that, of course the both of them fight each other to know who will have Mickey which Riley will be the winner and win Mickey over, Agora will get angry and leave.

But after Dylan go to Riley and pass a night at her home, Mickey will be deceived by that revelation and will go to Agora after Mickey break up with Riley, of course Agora will decide to marry Mickey just after, but when Riley's aunt return to her home after escaping Dylan home after being kidnapped by him she will reveal that Agora also kidnapped her.

Riley will then reveal her plan with Dylan to Mickey which will leave her at the altar while she said that she does it for the both of them, but Mickey does not believe her and she will fight with Mickey and Riley before being arrested with Dylan.