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Who cares? Just get out of my way, will you? JUST ZARK OFF!
~ The Henchman's anger when Arthur fails to react with alarm to his message.
Only there was a man in a mountain who wanted to meet you.
~ The Henchman's message.

Agrajag's Henchman is a minor antagonist from the Hitchhiker's Guide book Life, the Universe and Everything.


After escaping from the Temple of Hate and leaving the avalanche and earthquake behind him, Arthur Dent uses his newfound ability to fly to catch up with Ford, Slartibartfast, and Tricia at the famous Party, which has been going on for at least a hundred years. This Party has loads of aliens and is home to the Silver Bail, which the Masters of Krikkit and their robots are seeking. Slartibartfast goes off to look for the Bail, and Arthur tells him to relax.

Overhearing Arthur

Arthur meets a strange man at the bar who is fascinated by all of Arthur's life story, and when hearing of all the dreadful things that happened to Arthur (his planet being destroyed, being stuck in a damp cave, being abused) he just says "Ah, and did you have an awfully good time?"

The Henchman

Arthur has told the strange man his name, and another, aggressive-looking man comes up. This is Agrajag's Henchman, who looks outright evil. He passes on his boss' message to meet him, saying that there is a man in a mountain who wanted to meet Arthur. Arthur says he met him, and the Henchman doesn't follow Arthur's train of thought, he has just won a Rory for saying the most gratuitous use of the word Fuck in a serious screenplay, and he is proud that he won it and wants recognition. But Arthur shrugs it off and the Henchman gets aggressive, and tells Arthur to fuck off. Arthur hurriedly leaves, and the Henchman says "It's been real" and leaves.


The Henchman was a very short-tempered individual, but this is probably explained given that he worked in the criminal underworld and this nature was a given. He must have known the truth of Agrajag and his vendetta against Arthur Dent, otherwise, he wouldn't be so complacent to obey the entity. The Henchman possessed a darkly witty sense of humor, moving from threatening Arthur's life to bragging about his movie award. He only got disappointed no one cared that he had won it.