Yes! Yes! YES!! I finally get to finish you off! And it's not even my birthday!
~ Agria to Jude and the others.

Agria (real name: Nadia L. Travis) was a member of the Chimeriad and an antagonist in the video game Tales of Xillia. She was originally a Rashugul nobility named Nadia Travis until her title was stripped by her stepmother. After Presa found her, Agria was trained and became one of the Chimeriad. Agria has white hair, freckles, purple eyes, a red skirt, and black leggings. 


At the beginning, Agria broke into the Fennmont research laboratory trying to seek the Lance of Kresnik. She ran off after fighting Jude and Milla. Later in Fennmont, Jude and the party encountered her for information about the whereabouts of the Lance of Kresnik. Agria refused to say anything and fought them herself. After the fight, she tells them that the way to the Lance was sealed off. She kept trash-talking to Leia and then ran off.

Right after Gilland's invasion, Agria repeatedly stomped on Jude's head and another soldiers. Presa told her it was useless, because they were both unconscious, which Agria claimed it was no fun due to not hearing any suffering. The next day, at a temple, she, Gaius, and the rest of the Chimeriad told Jude they would have to work together to stop Gilland. They reclaimed their city, took over one of the battleships, and eventually boarded Gilland's.

Eventually, at the Hollowmount behind Milla's shrine, she and Presa fought Jude and the party. Afterwards, they both fell off, due to the terrian collapsing and died.


Agria is clearly an evil, cunning, and treacherous witch. She finds great pleasure in torture and is quick to belittle others with witty and facetious comments. Her insistance to find flaws in others may make her seem rather immature — she taunted Leia's scent and dubs her the name "Pimple". Perhaps because of her childlike nature, Agria is somewhat faithful in workmanship, and is quite lazy. She does not believe that the stress of daily work can necessarily improve society.



  • She was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and English dubbed by Kate Higgins.