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The time has come to evolve once again.
~ Aguilera sneering on the dark times that will come
These people will be our sacrificial lambs to unleash their inner demons so that we may shatter order in this world! Such that Giff may raise again!
~ Aguilera during the Deadman cult’s ceremony as she stamped several people as sacrifices to the cult

Aguilera is the leader of the demon-worshipping cult known as the Deadmans and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Revice, the third series of the Reiwa Era of the Kamen Rider franchise. She is the psychotic fiancee of the ancestor of all demons, Giff, and seeks to revive him in order to spread chaos throughout the Earth.

When disguised as a human, Aguilera uses the alias Hana Natsuki.

She is portrayed by Yui Asakura.


Aguilera was the one who ordered the Deadmans to attack the laboratory of their arch-nemesis organization Fenix. She is also responsible for the glyph that appeared in the sky during the present day. The Vistamps, which were the invention of George Karizaki's father, were stolen in the attack by Aguilera and her subordinates to be misused for evil purposes.  

She was shown to participate on the cult’s ceremony as she uses a devilish technology known as Vistamps to summon Giff Juniors from the human followers of her cult who cheered for her and her subordinates during their rally. As she embraces her dormant fiancee, Giff, she proudly remarks that the time of the demons has come and they will soon shatter the order of the world by spreading chaos throughout it.

She and her subordinates then kidnapped a dangerous criminal known as Harada as she uses her Vistamps to unleash the inner-demon that Harada has in the form of the Mammoth Deadman, which resulted in Harada getting knocked out. Planning to attack the inauguration ceremony that Fenix Organization held in order to promote their commanders, she then orders Deadmans and her subordinates to cause chaos in the inauguration event which causes innocent people to run in panic as she broadcasted herself to the public to show that the chaos that she causes is just the taste of what her fiance would brought soon enough after he was revived as she has the intention to turn the world into a Hell on Earth.

Due to the ensuing chaos, one of the Fenix’s commanders, Hiromi Katoda, tries to use Vistamps to save several innocent people in the inauguration ceremony but fails miserably due to his inner demon going on rampage. As Aguilera and her subordinates retreats from the scene, George then orders one of the commanders, Daiji Igarashi, to use the Vistamps in order to save innocent people. However, this resulted in him getting conflicted with his inner feelings to use Vistamps which nearly got him killed by Katoda’s Inner Demons.

However, in the end, Daiji’s older brother, Ikki, then manages to save the day by forming a contract with his inner demon known as Vice and then transform themselves into Kamen Rider Revice to defeat all of the demons there. In the end of the Episode 1, it was shown that Aguilera is back on her lair, creepily talking with her fiance as she misses him as the scene also shown two Vistamps lying on her table.

After Olteca manages to cause an indirect ruckus via the recently fired golf-caddy, Ibata, this resulted on Ibata's boss, Araki, attempts to make a contract with Aguilera after Vice told Araki that it was a good thing to release his inner demon which made him rile-up. Before meeting with Araki, she was shown talking to Giff as she asks about her true origins and who she really is and expresses her discontent after seeing one of her subordinates eavesdrop her conversation. After making a contract with Aguilera, Araki then causes a ruckus in the golf-course as Ikki also letting himself getting beaten up by the Deadman Soldiers while also refusing to summon Vice because of the latter's impulsiveness. Despite this, the two then make amends together and defeats Araki's inner demon once and for all.

Aguilera visited the idol of Giff and commented that she wanted to meet him soon. Her second-in-command Olteca then jokingly told her that he didn't see any tears coming from her for her to be sad about her fiancee, prompting her to likewise retort "meanie!". Olteca then informed his boss that once they created strong-enough sacrificial Deadmen they would be able to revive Giff. It was at that point that Julio walked to inform that another volunteer had come to them asking to receive a Vistamp, proclaiming that they would soon be able to take Revice's Vistamps. The volunteer was a woman in a mysterious hood, who used the Vistamp to bring forth the Kong Deadman. After the Deadman was destroyed, the volunteer returned to the base and Aguilera told her she had done good work, but that she seemed like a person they could get a few more demons out of.

Aguilera would later visit the idol of Giff and vowed to free him soon. When Julio attempted to cheer her up and tell her to smile, Aguilera voiced her irritation at the Deadmans' progress and questioned how they were doing on the 6 sacrifices to use to revive Giff. Olteca responded that they were still taking time, and that not everyone had the potential to become a Giftex Deadmen like he and Julio. Julio then commented that a human being able to produce a Deadman was expressive enough and that most could only manage a Giff Junior, and Olteca stated that once a human had summoned a Deadman from within them, they would need to merge with it to become a Phase 2 Deadman and be eligible for the sacrifice. Aguilera then glanced at their recent volunteer and questioned whether she had what it takes, stating if she entered into a phase 2 contract and merged with her Deadman the effects would be permanent. Aguilera later ventured out of the Deadmans Base in civilian clothes to observe Ayaka when she went to her sister's concert. After Ayaka pulled out her Proto Vistamp and used it to summon another Kong Deadman, Aguilera came up beside her and instructed her to sign an advanced contract to fuse with it to go to the next sage. Ayaka followed Aguilera's instructions and merged with the Kong Deadman to become a Phase 2 Deadman, at which point Aguilera commented that the advanced contract was complete.

After someone broke into Fenix's lab and gave the Lion Vistamp to Masao Honda, a social media influencer who went by the moniker "Bon", Aguilera questioned her two subordinates who had given a Vistamp to someone so unworthy, but both Olteca and Julio denied doing so. After Masao was caught and the Lion Deadman was defeated, Aguilera took note of how quickly he had been beaten and how that was a sign of him being unworthy. Julio then accused Olteca of giving him the Vistamp but Olteca denied doing so. Olteca then brought up Revice and how he had been a nuisance to their plans, and Aguilera expressed that they should deal with him soon. Olteca then proposed they target his "Achilles heel" while reaching his arm towards Giff, only for Aguilera to grab his arm to stop him before expressing interest in the plan.


Aguilera appeared as a beautiful and cute woman in her seemingly early-20s. She wears a beautiful red sleeveless dress that tends to be used by Flamenco Dancers, along with ankle-high boots.

In her civilian clothes, Aguilera wears a white shirt with a verdant green jacket over it, black shorts, white socks and shoes, and a black hat.


Aguilera is shown to be a cheerful girl in all situations, whether it be while she's holding a ceremony in the Deadmans Base or when she's leading an attack against Fenix. Her cheerfulness highlights her cruel personality underneath due to the fact that she has no hesitations to bring chaos across Earth once she revives her fiancee from his slumber. Because she is the fiancee of Giff, it is shown she has an obsession towards him and reviving him. She does seem to love him to a certain degree after expressing her feelings that she truly misses him at the end of Episode 1 as she has an intention to revive him from the slumber so that they could be together. During Episode 2, it was shown that she is rather confused about her origins were and what her true nature is as shown when she talked to her fiancee.



  • Yui Asakura originally auditioned for the role of Sakura Igarashi, the younger sister of the main character, but was given the role of Aguilera after producter Taku Mochizuki felt that her cute but mature personality made her more suited to play a villain.


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