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Agwel was a small, sadistic and highly deadly, demon from Devilman.



In Devilman Agwels first appearance was early on when a young schoolgirl was walking to her home late one night when she slips and realizes that it was blood she slipped on, she crawls a little further only to find the decapitated head of a man and a strange mound just in front of her.

The mound turns its head and reveals itself as Agwel, it then kills her. Later Agwel is summoned along with the rain demon Ghelmer by the beautiful demon Sirine, Agwel was sent to kill the Makimura family sucking Kensaku and Kousako Makimura through the walls.

Not long after he attacks Akira Fudo when he tries to break into the bathroom to save Miki, Akira beats Agwel back and he retreats but after recovering Miki, Agwel again attacks Akira, but Akira who was mid Devilman transformation wrapped his antenna around Agwels neck and pulled his head off, with Agwel's last words being, "i will meet you in a date in hell".

Devil Lady

Agwel appears in a flashback of Akira's when he was thinking of the various demons he had encountered over the years.

Devilman VS Getter Robo

Agwel briefly returns in the crossover manga alongside Sirine and other demons when she joined with Lord Gor to kill Devilman and Getter Robo.

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