Oh, my precious! They stole it from me!
~ Ahem

Ahem is a minor antagonist from the Veggietales episode Lord of the Beans.


Early Life

Ahem was a Flobbit named, Spiegel. He was a mailman. He founded the One Bean in the packaging and used it for himself to produce whatever he wants. The next day he lost the bean.

Meeting Toto

Years later Toto Baggypants met Ahem. Ahem attempts to steal the bean. Toto asked help from him and Ahem guided him to the land of Wow, which was in ruins. Toto used the bean by throwing it in the well and it fixed the land.


Ahem parodied Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings. He was called Ahem, because Gollum is what Gollum kept saying as he coughs. Just like Gollum, Ahem also lost a lot of his hair. Ahem was portrayed as Mr. Lunt, from Veggietales.


Ahem really wanted to use the bean the wrong way. He kept on using it to gain power for himself. He uses it to provide many food for himself. Years after he lost it, he saw it and wanted it back, which is wrong.


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