Ahk-Orrd is a DC comics super-villain originating from the Modern Age (1996) as an enemy of Aquaman, one of DC's more popular "B-list" heroes (a term used for characters below the "Trinity" of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman but still popular in terms of sales and fans).


Ahk-Orrd is an ancient extra-terrestrial who acts as the leader of the Hunter/Gatherers, a group who once ravaged Earth and colonized it only to in turn be conquered by a rival alien race known as the Annukake.

The Annukake would soon colonize many former Hunter/Gatherer worlds but found resistance in Earth and thus left the planet for many centuries alongside Ahk-Orrd, who would return to Earth in modern times after the Annukake decided to try once more for a colonization / invasion.

However, the aliens had even greater resistance than before as their cosmic conquest caught the attention of Aquaman, the current King of Atlantis and one of Earth's many superheroes.


Ahk-Orrd is an advanced alien entity possessing numerous superhuman abilities such as:

  • Superhuman strength, durability and endurance.
  • Teleportation
  • Advanced levels of healing, sufficient to reverse blindness via a touch.
  • Virtual immortality.
  • The ability to be completely immune to underwater environments or pressure.
  • As a member of the Hunter/Gatherers he is an expert diplomat, strategist and commander with access to sufficient resources to enslave multiple alien worlds.