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Ahk-Orrd is a supervillain in the DC comics. He originates from the Modern Age (1996) as an enemy of Aquaman, one of DC's more popular "B-list" heroes (a term used for characters below the "Trinity" of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman but still popular in terms of sales and fans).


Ahk-Orrd is an ancient extraterrestrial who acts as the leader of the Hunter/Gatherers, a group who once ravaged Earth and colonized it only to in turn be conquered by a rival alien race known as the Annukake.

The Annukake would soon colonize many former Hunter/Gatherer worlds but found resistance in Earth and thus left the planet for many centuries alongside Ahk-Orrd, who would return to Earth in modern times after the Annukake decided to try once more for an invasive colonization.

However, the aliens had even greater resistance than before as their cosmic conquest caught the attention of Aquaman, the current King of Atlantis and one of Earth's many superheroes.

Powers and Abilities

Ahk-Orrd is an advanced alien entity possessing numerous superhuman abilities such as:

  • Superhuman strength, durability and endurance.
  • Teleportation
  • Advanced levels of healing, sufficient to reverse blindness via a touch.
  • Virtual immortality.
  • The ability to be completely immune to underwater environments or pressure.
  • As a member of the Hunter/Gatherers he is an expert diplomat, strategist and commander with access to sufficient resources to enslave multiple alien worlds.


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