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Villain Overview

Fidgy wa'nana.
~ Ahmed and Salim's catchphrase.

Ahmed and Salim Majhayeff (أحمد وسليم ahmad wasaliem) (אחמד וסלים) are the titular main protagonists of the Israeli animated web series with the same name. They are two nerdy Arab Muslim teenagers who want to have a regular life playing video games and watching television, but their terroristic father, Yasser Majhayeff is always forcing them to do terrorism, which usually backfires on him in the end of each episode.

The Brothers


Ahmed is the eldest son of the Majhayeff family. He has tan skin, black eyes and black hair covered by a traditional Arabian hat. He also has a black mustache, and wears a long white traditional Arabian dress with sandals.

Ahmed is more coordinated and serious than his brother, Salim. However, he is a lazy young man who spends time watching Western TV shows and playing video games. Whenever a terroristic plot fails or causing trouble to the citizens around them, he along with Salim often get yelled at by their father by saying "AHMED AND SALIM!" before an episode ends.


Salim is the youngest son of the Majhayeff family. He has tan skin, black eyes (and possibly black hair) and wears a black and blue mask that covers half of his face. He also wears a green shirt with a what appears to be a suicide belt, and wears black pants and sandals.

Salim is the opposite of Ahmed, as he is less coordinated and serious than his brother. However, much like Ahmed himself, he is a lazy young man who spends time watching Western TV shows and playing video games. He can also be seen as a spoiled brat, whereas in the first episode where he could get some ice cream first before performing the terroristic plot against the Jewish bus (which failed since it blew up an Arab bus). Along with Ahmed, he gets often yelled at by their father.

Villainous Acts

  • Episode 1: They mistakenly blew up an Arab bus instead of the Jewish one.
  • Episode 4: They shot their own father in the penis thinking he was a "filthy jew".
  • Episode 5: Salim blending their father's testicles.
  • Episode 8: Ahmed kidnapping and attempting to kill Justin Bieber but Yasser killed him instead.


  • While Ahmed and Salim's nationality is unknown, they're most likely Palestinian. However, in some episodes, they have a reversed UAE flag at their living room, which makes this situation hard to understand whether or not they are Emiratis or Palestinian. However, they are probably just Middle Easterners of unknown origin.
    • In "How the Terrorist Stole Christmas", it was stated that they lived in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Khazbazbazstan.
  • Their character designs and animation style is based on South Park.
  • Being Arabic-speaking characters voiced by Hebrew-speaking voice actors, Ahmed and Salim along with the other characters of the show speak a language of mixed Hebrew and Arabic.
    • Their language also includes instances of English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Russian, and Gibberish.
    • There are several gags where funny words in their spoken language will coincide with words in their subtitles. (i.e. Their word for "F****t" is "George Michael", their word for "Internet" is "Porno", their word for "Six Million" is "Holocaust", and their word for "Nothing" is "Seinfeld").