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Ahmed in a picture

Ahmed is a minor antagonist in the Chick Tract entitled "The Sky Lighter". He was an Islamic terrorist.

The Sky Lighter

Ahmed was Abdulla's father who was also a failed suicide bomber. He attempted to kill his enemies in an unknown area, and he was thrown into a United States prison. Even though he never physically appears, Ahmed played a crucial role in Abdulla ultimately turning down the chance to redeem himself. Abdulla's Grandmother told him that his father would be proud that he would have a son take part in a suicide bombing.

Even though Abdulla befriends a Muslim who had recently become a Christian, the combination of his father's influence as well as his grandmother's viciousness seals his fate. In a highly populated crowd, Abdulla detonates the bomb, killing him and many American citizens. Upon death, Abdulla appears before God, realizing the error of his ways. However, it proved to be too late for him, and he was cast into the eternal flames of Hell when it was announced that his name did not appear in the Book of Life.

It is unknown what happened to Ahmed after Abdulla had been successful in his suicide bombing. He most likely was executed by the American government, and may as well join his son and his mother-in-law as well at the end of the tract.


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