Ahmed Ben Trayal is a villain in the fourth Tomb Raider game.


Early Life

Ahmed Ben Trayal was born on August 17, 1970. Ahmed was a good man who, after having passed through many trials, came to understand that illegality and force were often more effective and better. He has done little tricks in scams, suffers from Androgenetic Alopecia and is fascinated by the history of his country, Egypt, he learned the principles of construction including the Great Pyramids. He is wise but a tad macho, knows the desert and can survive for weeks. His many skills enable him to be less aware of gossip. He is necessarily unaware of the dangers that await when he agrees to perform a particular job, as is the case when he was contacted by Werner Von Croy, who was on a trip to Egypt at the time. Ahmed quickly realized that his interest was to help the old archaeologist realize his dreams of discovery. Rather poor, the Egyptian accepted without question the money he proposed to trap Lara Croft.

Meeting Lara Croft

Under the guise of an Egyptian guide everything about his most respectable character hides treachery. Seeing Lara, he thought he was dealing with an easy prey. He was wrong of course. Ahmed accompanies Lara to the tomb of Set, and he is - at least initially - a great help. Inside, Ahmed flees when he reads some hieroglyphics above a doorway. Unfortunately, when Lara finds the Amulet of Horus, Ahmed tries to seize by force the amulet. His attempt was futile. There followed a breathless chase and a stunning revelation for Lara: the brains behind this betrayal was her old friend, her mentor, Werner Von Croy.


Lara returns to Ahmed with vengeance. Wanting to preserve his life, he must tell her where Von Croy is headed. Reluctantly, he replies then is knocked violently to the ground. Lara then takes his clothes and disguises herself, leaving him almost naked in the darkness of a cave Lara had just come from. Unfortunately for Ahmed, an encounter with the Guardian of Semerkhet was fatal.