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Look, here, I have a parachute. Take it. We were hoping to get Yusuf on wiretap. They don't know sh-t about you. Believe me!
~ Ahmed Khaleel's last words before his death.

Ahmed Khaleel (Arabic: أحمد خليل) is a minor antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is a close friend of Yusuf Amir, however as he and Tahir Saeed are later revealed to be working for NOOSE, both betrayed him and Luis Lopez.


Ahmed Khaleel first appears picking up the Buzzard Luis Lopez has stolen from the yacht. Afterwards, in the next mission, Ahmed and his associate, Tahir Saeed set up a deal with NOOSE so Ahmed can get wiretap evidence on Yusuf in order to assume the usurpation over the business. At the rendez-vous at the top of Rotterdam Tower with Taeer and Luis, Taeer tells Ahmed that Luis knows they're in the sh-t, which gives an intention to Luis who then subdues Tahir as Ahmed exclaims Luis to chill while running away. After Luis kills Tahir by throwing him onto the taxi car and shoots some NOOSE agents, he chases after Ahmed till both climbed at the very top of the building, Ahmed gives him a parachute upon revealing that NOOSE doesn't knows anything about Luis, but Luis responds by frightening him to fall off the building, ending his life.

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