Don't...go...the slaves...all dead now...disease. Stay away...stay...away...
~ Ahpossno's last words

Ahpossno was a Tectonese male who was the antagonist of the Alien Nation television movie Dark Horizon.

A Kleezantsun, or Overseer, Ahpossno was a soldier who was often tasked with putting down rebellions and other special missions for his commander. He also had a great deal of medical knowledge.

Five years after the slave ship Gruza crashed on Earth, the ship's beacon was activated by a homeless Overseer. The beacon was detected by the Kleezantsun mother ship, which had been looking for the Gruza since it disappeared. Ahpossno was sent to the third planet of the star the beacon signal was coming from to determine if the 250,000 slaves on the Gruza were on that planet.

Arriving on Earth he attacked a local farmer who had been near the landing site, and took his clothes. Making his way to Los Angeles he refined his knowledge of English. After curing George Francisco and his family of a deadly Purist created virus, he ingriated himself with Francisco's family. Francisco's partner Matthew Sikes was more suspicious of the Newcomer who had appeared out of nowhere to cure his friends.

After confirming most of the former slaves were still alive on Earth, Ahpossno signalled the mother ship to come collect them and planned to enslave the humans as well. He contacted a group of Overseers on Earth to prepare them for the mothership's arrival.

When Ahpossno fled Earth, Francisco planted a small container on him that was full of the Purist virus. The confined space concentrated Ahpossno's exposure, causing him to fall ill. On the journey back to the mothership Ahpossno had a change of heart about the former slaves.

By the time Ahpossno's ship reached the mothership Ahpossno was barely alive as the ship was tractored into the hold. Opening the shuttle the Overseer commander and her aides saw the very ill Ahpossno. As he laid dying, Ahpossno managed to get out to his commander that all the Tectonese on Earth had been wiped out because of disease, and his last words were a warning to stay away from Earth.

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