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Something has consigned Aichi to oblivion, trying to make it as if he never existed!
~ Toshiki Kai, unaware that the one responsible for Aichi's disappearance was Aichi himself.
Van... guard...?
~ Void Aichi before fighting and defeating, his own servant.

Aichi Sendou is the protagonist of the first three seasons of Cardfight!! Vanguard, and the main antagonist of its fourth season, Legion Mate. Throughout most of the season his face is concealed from the viewer by shadow. He is the vanguard of Blaster Blade, he was also briefly the Vanguard of Blaster Dark and Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel.

After being infected by the seed of Link Joker, Aichi decided to put himself into an eternal sleep in a secret moon sanctuary to prevent Link Joker's return, also erasing any trace of his existence so that no one would try to find him and inadvertently reawaken Link Joker in the process. To protect his seal, Aichi gathered four personal servants, the Quatre Knights, and ordered them and his right-hand-woman, Kourin Tatsunagi, to attack anyone who regained their memories of Aichi and to discourage them from trying to find him.



Aichi was one of the strongest fighters in the world, as a member of Team Quadrifolio (Q4), he led his team to winning the National Vanguard championship, and later the Continental championship, known as Asia Circuit. His sheer dominance of the game alongside Ren Suzugamori caused one of his rivals, Kai, to become extremely envious of their strength. When the Link Joker invasion started, the emissary of void, sent over by Star-Vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon, who had taken over the body of Takuto Tatsunagi took advantage of Kai's desire for power made a deal with Kai. Kai willingly allowed himself to become one of the first Reverse Fighters in exchange of gaining Link Joker's power and be the Vanguard of one of Link Joker's commanders, Chaos Breaker himself.

Aichi stopped the Link Joker invasion by defeating the emissary of Link Joker with the help of the real Takuto Tatsunagi and later convinced Kai to undo his own Reverse. Kai was very grateful towards Aichi for saving him, and he would dedicate the rest of his life towards atoning for his sins.

Aichi's victory over Link Joker however came at a big price, as the emissary of Void was still possessing the body of Takuto and defeating him killed the real Takuto as well, on top of that Void infected Aichi's soul with a "seed" that would slowly consume him and resurrect Link Joker with Aichi as their new leader. Aichi also knew that if he was defeated in a Cardfight the seed would infect whoever defeated him, thus he concluded that the only solution to prevent Link Joker's return was to erase himself from existence. After the real Takuto's death, he transferred his powers as the Emissary of Cray over to Aichi, turning him into the new emissary. At one point, he was either granted, or created a shrine on the moon, which he would use as his base of operations.

Legion Mate

Using his new powers, Aichi traveled through the entire world, searching for the greatest fighters that had managed to survive the alien invasion, and recruited them as his personal bodyguards/servants. Aichi decided not to get his friends involved in the matter but he did attempt to recruit Ren Suzugamori and Leon Soryu but both declined. Aichi would eventually find four world class cardfighters to be his servants, those being Oliver Gaillard the European champion, Phillip Neve the European runner-Up, Raul Serra the South American champion, and Ratie Curti a girl whose skill level is on par with the other world champions despite not having a championship title herself.

Aichi dubbed the four as the "Quatre Knights" and granted them magical charms that give them supernatural powers, including the ability to summon pocket dimensions to host cardfights and inflict physical pain on opponents that they defeat in those cardfights. This is similar to what the previous emissary, Takuto, did to his servants, Ultra Rare, Aichi however, did not erase the Quatre Knights' memories of their previous lives and allowed them to keep their current identities. Kourin, who was previously the servant and adoptive daughter of Takuto, would later join Aichi's cause, after recovering her memories as a member of Ultra Rare, and stumbling upon Aichi sitting on his throne, trying to contain the pain that holding back the seed of Link Joker caused him.

With the Quatre Knights assembled, Aichi erased everyone's memories of his existence, then he ordered the Knights to seal him in the moon base. Each of the Knights controlled one of the seal's layers, and defeating them in cardfights to deactivate all the seals was the only way to reawaken Aichi. Only three people retained their memories of Aichi, those being Ren and Leon who opted to take a neutral stance in the mater, and Toshiki Kai after he was contacted by Aichi's avatar, Blaster Blade. Kai, thinking that Blaster Blade wanted him to rescue Aichi, formed a group with four of Aichi's other friends by also reactivating their memories, the five then decided to search of Aichi and learn the truth behind his disappearance.

The Quatre Knights began a conflict with Kai's group where the Knights would continuously defeat and inflict harm on Kai's group as punishment for attempting to find Aichi. Kai figured out that Ren and Leon knew about the Quatre Knights so he asked both of them for assistance in the fight against the Knights, neither agreed due to their neutral stance but both did offer Kai some helpful advice.

The conflict would eventually lead to Kai's group reaching the secret moon base and defeating both Serra and Gaillard, but also at the cost of most of Kai's friends having their memories of Aichi erased a second time leaving only Kai and Naoki Ishida. Unbeknownst to everyone Serra was secretly plotting to break Aichi's seal and reawaken Link Joker so he could become its new master. He secretly led Kai and his friends to the Moon Sanctuary, lost his fight against Naoki on purpose to weaken the seal, and successfully reawakened Aichi. Now possessed by Link Joker, Aichi faced off against Neve, though he was defeated, his battle allowed Aichi contain Link Joker's power temporarily, causing him to return to slumber.

The remaining Quatre Knights and Kai were forced to form a temporary alliance to put a stop to Serra's schemes with Leon and Ren also joining the fight against Serra, which resulted in Serra having his memories wiped, however Serra did succeed in fully reawakening Aichi and Link Joker. Aichi declared that the Quattre Knights have failed and planned to have Kai, Leon, Naoki, and Ren be the second generation Quatre Knights and seal him again. Kai, refusing to let Aichi disappear again, challenged Aichi to a cardfight to determine who shall be the host of Link Joker.

During the fight Aichi demonstrated a version of Blaster Blade corrupted by Link Joker known as "Star-vader, Blaster Joker", signaling that Kai's efforts have been in vain, Kai however refused to back down and managed to defeat Blaster Joker with his own avatar unit Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great. With Aichi defeated, the Link Joker seed left Aichi's body and was ready to infect Kai, but at that moment Kai summoned Blaster Blade who had been freed from Link Joker's control and had him strike down the seed slashing it into countless pieces.

Blaster Blade informed everyone that striking down the seed did not put an end to Link Joker, but rather it weakened Link Joker's will to be evil and as the seed continues to be broken into more pieces it will eventually result in Link Joker no longer being a threat to Earth or Planet Cray, and in fact they can now become one of Cray's clans allowing them to co-exist with the other clans in peace.

With the threat of Link Joker put to an end Aichi was allowed to return home and everyone's memories of him were restored with the Quatre Knights no longer being necessary. After graduating from high school Aichi opted to study astrology with the intention of one day finding a way for humans to reach Planet Cray without relying on PSY-Qualia.

Powers and Abilities

Aichi moments before falling into an eternal sleep.

  • Royal/Shadow/Gold Paladins: Aichi has mastered all three paladin clans, and knows how to use them to their full potential, bringing out massive amounts of troops with his royal paladins, and ruthlessly sacrificing them with his Shadow Paladins.
  • Link Joker: After being implanted with Link Joker's seed, Aichi's deck becomes corrupted, causing him to change to a more controlling playstyle, locking away all of his opponents' troops, and killing their Vanguards with his Blaster Joker's abilities.
  • PSYqualia: Like Ren and Leon, Aichi is able to see the flow of a fight, and is able to show his opponents visions of the real battles happening on Planet Cray. Aichi knows that this power causes his more sadistic personality to come out, and therefore he tends to hold back on using it.
  • Power Bestowal: Aichi is able to grant anyone he wishes supernatural powers, allowing them to serve as his guardians. Serra was granted Ice powers, Gaillard was granted Fire powers, Neve was granted Electric and Metal powers, and Rati was granted Nature powers.
  • Memory Erasing: Aichi was able to easily manipulate the memories of everyone on Earth, making his existence unknown, even by his own sister.
  • Timeline Rewriting: Aichi didn't only wipe away everyone's memories, he completely erased any traces of himself, making it as if his own birth, or any of the events he was involved in during the Vanguard Tournaments and Miyaji Academy, never happened.
  • Teleportation: Aichi is able to teleport both short and long distances. He was able to teleport from his throne to catch the falling Kourin, stopping her from hitting the ground. He is also seemingly able to teleport anywhere he wishes on planet Earth. He used this ability to travel to Europe, Central Asia and South America, recruiting the Quatre Knights, then teleporting them back to the Moon.
  • Dark powers: After the Void seed inside him grew considerably, Aichi was able to shoot out dark pulses from his hands, which he used to knock Kourin unconscious.


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