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Aigamuxa are extremely dangerous, evil and bizarre humanoid monsters from African mythology.


They are of the very common small giant category of monster (commonly known as "ogres") but are more monstrous in appearance than the medieval European Ogre, most notably having their eyes placed on the soles of their feet.

As such, the monster is forced to perform a handstand every time it seeks out prey. Despite this, it is also incredibly strong and ravenous - seeking human prey, to escape the monster one must either be fast at running or quick in wit, since once captured a human is doomed to be devoured.

Clever opponents have utilized such tactics as dropping spice or othe irritants on the ground in order to cause the monster pain (since its eyes are situated on its feet) and more athletic opponents are able to outrun the large, clumsy creature.

Like most ogres, the Aigamuxa are not very intelligent but are incredibly violent and evil-minded, even when not hunting humans for prey.