Admiral Aiguille Delaz is a former Zeon military officer serving as the commander of the Zeon remnant faction Delaz Fleet and the primary antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, though his second-in-command Anavel Gato serves as the main threat.


Delaz participated in the One Year War, and was a very loyal supporter of Gihren Zabi. After hearing that Kycilia Zabi had executed Gihren, Delaz refused to serve under her and withdrew his forces from the Battle of A Baoa Qu, retreating into space.

Delaz spent the next three years reorganizing his forces and gathering supplies to prepare for another strike against the Earth Federation. He announced his ultimate plan, Operation Stardust, to the Earth Sphere in a bid to get more Zeon remnant forces to join him. He later forged an alliance with a group of renegade Zeon forces under the command of Cima Garahau, though unbeknownst to him they were secretly planning to betray him.

Cima later made her move, having her men take control of the Gwaden and take Delaz hostage. Delaz's right-hand, Anavel Gato, initially tried to attack Cima, but Delaz ordered him to see Operation Stardust through. He was then executed by an angry Cima.


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