Aileen Greene

Aileen Greene

Aileen Greene was a minor character in the Facebook hidden object game Criminal Case and the victim in Family Blood (Case #15). During the investigation of her murder, she was revealed to have been abusive toward her son and step-son and stealing her family's money to give it to her ex-husband, Tom Hunt. 


Aileen was Paul Greene's wife, Tom Hunt's ex-wife, Oliver Greene's mother, Scott Greene's step-mother, and Alden Greene's daughter-in-law. During the investigation of her murder, it was also discovered that her blood type was O+. Besides that, Aileen had long brown hair and green eyes, and at the time of her death, she wore a short pink dress. 

Murder Details

Aileen was found tied to her baby's crib and had been beaten to death with a baseball bat. The baseball bat was struck multiple times to her forehead. After completing the autopsy report, Nathan revealed to the player that the killer used to drink whiskey. It was later discovered that the killer wore running shoes and had brown hair. It was also discovered that the killer's blood type was A+ and was a baseball fan.

Her killer is her step-son Scott Greene, who murdered her because she was abusing him and his half-brother Oliver, and also because she tore apart a rare baseball card his grandfather had gotten for him.