Aileen Greene was a minor character in the Facebook hidden object game Criminal Case and the victim in Family Blood (Case #15). During the investigation of her murder, she was revealed to have been abusive toward her son and step-son and stealing her family's money to give it to her ex-husband, Tom Hunt. 


5 years prior to her death, Aileen married a junkie named Tom Hunt. In this marriage, Aileen became a drug addict herself as well as a thief. In an attempt to rectify herself, Aileen divorced Tom.

Aileen then met the wealthy Paul Greene, son of wealthy businessman, Alden Greene. Aileen and Paul became engaged, though the marriage was nearly called off once Paul discovered Aileen's past. However, this did not happen as Aileen revealed that she was pregnant.

Tom Hunt returned to find Aileen had remarried. Out of pity, Aileen began shopping for him and giving him a place to sleep, though Tom questioned her motives. A week before her death, Aileen had stopped seeing Tom.

Aileen then got into an argument with her stepson, Scott. It was revealed that Aileen had been abusive towards her son, Oliver, and Scott, her stepson. Out of anger in an argument, Aileen ripped up a sentimental baseball card of Scott's from his grandfather, and Scott subsequently beat Aileen to death with a baseball bat.


Aileen's personality is questionable. She showed astute generosity once she married into a wealthy family toward her ex-husband, Tom. However, these motives were questionable as Tom believed Aileen was only performing in this way so she may show off her new wealth. Aileen was also abusive to her children, and appeared to have a temper.

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