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I'm good with the Lord. I'm fine with Him. And I know how you were raised, alright? And I know how people f-ckin' think out there, and f-ck, it's gotta be that way. They've gotta tell you that 'Thou shall not kill' shit and all of that. But that's not the way the world works, Selby. Cuz I'm out there every f-ckin' day living it. Who the f-ck knows what God wants? People kill each other every day and for what? Hm? For politics, for religion, and THEY'RE HEROES! No, no... there's a lot of shit I can't do anymore, but killing's not one of them. And letting those f-cking bastards go out and rape someone else isn't either!
~ Aileen Wuornos justifying her actions to her girlfriend Selby Wall.

Aileen Carol Wuornos, also better known as Aileen Wuornos, is one of the two main protagonists (her being the protagonist villain) of the 2003 live action film Monster. She is based on the real life serial killer of the same name.

She was portrayed by Charlize Theron, who won the Academy Award for the role and also played Queen Ravenna in Snow White & the Huntsman, Millie Bobeck in Reindeer Games, Cipher in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, and Pria Lavesque in The Orville.


Credited (incorrectly) as the first female serial killer in the U.S, Aileen was homeless and made a living as a prostitute. Her usual rate varied between twenty-five and forty dollars, depending on what sexual acts her johns asked for. She had a horrible childhood in which she was repeatedly beaten and raped by her father and sexually molested by several boys in her neighborhood; at 13, she became a prostitute, not knowing anything else. Aileen grew up alone, wishing someone would "discover" her. One night, while contemplating suicide, she stopped by a bar for one last beer, warning God that she would be gone as soon as her last $5 was. When she met Selby Wall (based on Wuornos' real-life lover Tyria Moore) whom she developed an almost instant bond with, Aileen took it as a sign and did not go through with the suicide. Alieen became protective of Selby after learning that her family had disowned her for being a lesbian.

The relationship between the two women grew into a romantic affair and the two rented a motel room for several days, eventually having sex and falling in love. After being assaulted, raped and tortured by a john, Alieen kills him in self-defense and decides to quit being a hooker. However, her inability to find another job forces her to return to prostitution and she kills all her clients out of fear the same terrors of the first assaulter would be committed. She took pity on one man who had never had services from hookers before and was visibly shaken when one of her kills turned out to be a police officer. Aileen used the money from her victims to give herself and Selby some decent meals and other accessories. Her final kill was a kind old man who offered her help, money and shelter free of charge. This was the only murder for which she felt remorse.

Aileen confessed her actions to Selby, justifying them by claiming she did it for them and that her victims had all been about to rape her. When the police closed in on her, Aileen sent Selby away on a bus. Aileen was arrested while drunk when an old couple confirmed a sketch of her that linked her to a car stolen from one of her victims.

While in prison, Aileen and Selby spoke once more over the phone. Aileen discovered, after Selby began saying very incriminating and specific things, that Selby was helping the police monitor the call in an attempt to make Alieen reveal her guilt. Despite being betrayed again, Aileen took all the blame for the murders. While on trial, Selby testified against Aileen and the latter remained truthful, thus keeping Selby safe. Aileen was sentenced to death and dragged out of the courtroom, cursing the judge and jury.

Aileen and Selby never spoke again and Alieen was executed October 9, 2002 after being on death-row for 12 years. Aileen Wuornos' final act as a free woman was making sure that the only person she had ever really cared about, who was in turn the only person to ever really care about her, was spared jail and given a chance to live the happy, normal life that she herself was denied.