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Aimee Brenner is the main antagonist of the 2010 short animated film DC Showcase: The Spectre. She is the former girlfriend of Jim Corrigan who later tried to kill him but failed in order to escape so she would not eventually be discovered as her father's killer and be arrested.

She was voiced by Alyssa Milano.


A beautiful woman of average height,Aimee has long blonde hair,blue eyes,and a beauty mark on her face.she has a good looking face, and also has a decently large chest.


Jim opens the briefcase with her father's money. Aimee asks Jim that they will get together while she rummages the pistol from the desk drawer, but Jim refuses. Aimee fails to attack Jim, who transforms into the Spectre and kills her by engulfing her in a tornado of money, avenging her father's death. Jim calmly walks away as the police arrive while they cannot see him. Jim narrates that his job is to root out evil, that he is justice and being the Spectre.

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