Sink...over…… and over again……!
~ Aircraft Carrier Demon
Enemies are above yourself.…Diving now!
~ Aircraft Carrier Demon

Aircraft Carrier Demon is an antagonist of the Kantai Collection series who first appeared as the E-3 bosses of the Summer 2014 Event. She is one of the minions of the Abyssal Fleet. She is the alter ego of the Aircraft Carrier Princess.

She was voiced by Fujita Saki and drawn by Akira.


Aircraft Carrier Demon was a humanoid who generally appeared as a young woman with white skin with black fades on her neck, arms and legs, orange eyes and very long, flowy white hair tied into a side ponytail using a black hair tie. She had large black armour covering her arms and legs and she wore a typical sailor shirt black in colour, attached with a decorative black ribbon and also a short black dress. She was surrounded by a black monster that resembled somewhat of a goblin shark which had black teeth and turrets, cannons and glowing weapons.

In her first basic form, she was equipped with an Abyssal Cat FighterAbyssal Hell Dive BomberAbyssal Revenge Torpedo Bomber and an Abyssal Air Radar. In her second basic form, she was equipped with an Abyssal Cat Fighter Kai, Abyssal Hell Dive Bomber KaiAbyssal Revenge Torpedo Bomber Kai and an Abyssal Air Radar.

In her summer form, she let her hair loose and wore a withered black hat, black side-tie bikini and the monster surrounding her was also surrounded by multiple white tropical flowers with a light grey violet tint and black leaves and stigma.


In contrast to the Aircraft Carrier Princess, she seemed to be more level-headed and less provocative.



  • She later appeared as the E-5 pre-boss of the Winter 2015 Event and in the Summer 2015 Event two copies of her appeared as escort ships in the final form of E3 Medium and E3 Hard. She currently appears in node H of 6-1. After an update, she has the chance to appear as the boss node flagship of 5-2.
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