Be wrapped in flames...and sunk instantly!
~ Aircraft Carrier Hime
Did you think... you have won? That's cute!
~ Aircraft Carrier Hime under player's fleet attack

Aircraft Carrier Princess, (Aircraft Carrier Hime in Japanese codi-name) is one of the main Hime-class from Abyssal Fleet in Kantai Collection game. She is the alter-ego to the Aircraft Carrier Demon.

She was voiced by Fujita Saki and drawn by Akira.


She is one of the enemy-bosses introduced during the Summer 2014 event, encountered first during the initial map of the MI segment, before being fought again during the penultimate MI map.

She also appears at the pre-boss node of the Extra Operation, the counterattack on the fleet girl HQ. She shows up again in the Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 events. She later returns as an optional encounter in map 6-1.

Unlike Abyssals Destroyers and Light Cruisers; Aircraft Carrier Princess (and many other humanoids Abyssals), was a human (Ship-girl) in her past. At one point of her history, she was sunk and died. Years later (months or even days), she was reborn as an Abyssal Ship like all Ship-girls who were killed (sunken). The "creature" that is creating and commanding the Abyssal Fleet; the same being who created Aircraft Carrier Princess, is unknown.



Her personality changes drastically after her defeat in her Demon form. Unlike her Demon form personality that was more "serious" in combat, her personality in Princess form switches to a more brute, arrogant and provocative personality. There is some traces of anger and hatred in her lines, probably refers to the feeling of revenge for her defeat in her Demon form. Her feelings about human and Ships-girls is the same of all Abyssals; irrational hatred to mankind.


All Abyssals are characterized by their pale skin, black armor plates, red glowing eyes. Just like all the Abyssal girls, she is not so different in the main characteristics. In her Demon form, she wears a short black sailor dress, metal thigh-high boots and gauntlets , and has a long white hair with a side-tail.

Her Demon and Princess from are not so different in body and facial features. The only thing that changes in her Princess forms are the garments. In her Princess form, her clothes are completely torn and frayed, leaving her body exposed.





  • Both her and the Aircraft Carrier Demon were initially assumed to represent the USS Yorktown.
  • A more popular fan theory is that she is either the corrupted form of Kaga or the physical embodiment of her worst fears. This idea comes from certain physical similarities-namely similar hairstyles-the change her voice undergoes in her sinking line, and the fact that her debut event represents the Battle of Midway, where Kaga was sunk.
  • After her defeat in E-3 in her Demon form class, she returns in E-5 as a Princess Class.
  • She is one of the most popular Abyssal girls between the fans. Throughout the series, she appears in various and countless doujinshis.
  • Depending on how the player has created his/her fleet during battles against her, she could even be considered with major crimes such as abuse and death of children.
  • In several versions and fanart, she is sometimes represented as one of the most feared Princess-class for players (although Battleship Re-Class and Airfield Princess are even more feared).
  • Both of her forms (Princess and Demon forms) are voiced by Fujita Saki.
  • In Minaraiverse, she uses 2 gigantic swords as weapons.
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