Airzel is a supporting antagonist in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. He is captain of the Gundalian Forces and is Gill's student and protégé. He is the arch-nemesis of Captain Elright and Shun Kazami.

He was voiced by Eiji Miyashita in Japanese, Lyon Smith in English, and Márcio Marconato in Portuguese. smith also voiced Masquerade and Prince Hydron


Airzel is fierce, overconfident, and reckless. He is also very loyal to his superiors, Barodius and mentor Gill. Airzel also seems to have no issue with torturing and murdering others, especially if they are Neathians.

In the end, Airzel's recklessness, overconfidence and blind loyalty to Gill proves to be his downfall as he is killed by Barodius and Dharak when rushing over to Gill's ship to protect him and failed attempt to try talk Barodius in sparing him.


Airzel first appears consulting with Emperor Barodius along with the rest of the Twelve Orders. He doesn't seem to get along too well with Stoica as he is seen telling him to take things seriously for once.

He is later seen alongside the other Twelve orders saying how they must get their hands on the element.

He appeared again overseeing a battle on Neathia against the Castle Knights. He, Gill, and Kazarina joined in the battle with Airzel beating captain Elright and kidnapping him.

As he is torturing him, he notices the Bakugan Brawlwers arrive to help Neathia. There he and Strikeflier battle Shun Kasami for the first time. He finds his skills impressive, but before they can end it the scared orb sends all Gundalions away.

Airzel then leads a team to destroy the third shield in Nethia. He takes Mason Brown as a battle partner, telling him not to mess up. The two of them battle Marucho and Jake, and although Avior loses, Strikeflier takes both Aquamos and Coredom out. In the second round, the two Gundalans are about to win the brawl, when Marucho freezes his foes, leaving the battle without an outcome.

After Kazarina and Lena Isis fail to stop the second shield from reactivating, he retreats to avoid being stuck in Nethia.



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