Airzel is a supporting antagonist in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. He is captain of the Gundalian Forces and is Gill's student and protégé. He is the arch-nemesis of Captain Elright and Shun Kazami. Like Gill, Airzel also hates Kazarina.

Airzel is fierce, overconfident, and reckless. He is also very loyal to his superiors, Barodius and mentor Gill.

He seems to have no qualms with the deaths of those whom he dislikes, like Kazarina saying that "after all of her ridicule and treachery, she deserves everything that is about to come to her."

Airzel has a huge hatred of Neathians (especially Captain Elright), as he likes torturing them and making them suffer after capturing them, this proves how racist and sadistic he is towards them. 

For those whom Airzel is loyal to, however, he has unwavering faith in them and will do whatever he can to help them. When Phantom Dharak was about to kill Gill for his assassination of Kazarina, Airzel attempted to help Gill escape, to no avail.

In the end, Airzel's recknesses, overconfidence and blind loyalty to Gill proves to be his downfall as he is killed by Barodius and Dharak when rushing over to Gill's ship to protect him and failed attempt to try talk Barodius in sparing him.



  • Airzel's personality is quite similar to Gus Grav, except Airzel is more evil and is also loyal to his other superior, Barodius.
  • Airzel is the only member of the Twelve Orders who never insulted Nurzak.


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