Everywhere I turn you are there causing me grief!
~ Aisha to Natella

Aisha is a minor villain in Bromwell High.

She is similar to Jamal and Davis, Belisha and Aisha are best friends. She is large, strong, and constantly has an angry expression. For this, Aisha is feared by many of the students of Bromwell High, albeit mostly for her scary appearance. Because of this, most of her bullying comes from intimidation, and not actual physical violence.

Aisha strongly dislikes Natella and all of her noble causes.

In the episode "Fire Drill", Natella becomes outraged that Bromwell High has no wheelchair access and spearheads the Inhalers Club to campaign against the injustice, but her interfering relies Aisha. Moments later, Aisha smashes up the wheelchair park and foils Natella's good will.

When Natella told the headmaster on Aisha, she became furious and embarked on a quest to mash her up. Before Aisha could win, Natella is then saved by a fireman.


  • She is probably the most evil and sadistic villain to appear in Bromwell High (probably worse than Keisha), as she is the second character to have crossed the Moral Event Horizon.