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Aja Salisbury is the main antagonist and final boss from Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm.


Aja Salisbury was a member of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom. When the party started losing its influence due to the rise of the Order of the Blue Flower, she left England and went to Japan, where she lived as a hired assassin, while her husband Chadha joined to Togakushi Clan. Aja eventually died in the aftermath of the First World War, along with her husband and sons.

The one currently inhabiting Aja's body is actually Masanari Hattori Hanzo (the real Aja came to inhabit her own husband's body). Masanari was the head of the Hattori clan, which worked for the Japanese government doing undercover operations (usually gathering information or assassinations). After she died and possessed Aja's body, she started using Aja's political influence to manipulate the government and take control of the media presses. She planned on using Kou Hinukan, one of the test subjects from the Hakkou Ichiu Project and currently a member of the Hattori clan, and drive him into unleashing his hidden power, which would cause the deaths of thousands as well as insurmountable destruction. However, she actually planned on turning herself as the mastermind of the insurgence, expecting that with the entire plan traced back to the government it would cause a public revolt and the eventual fall of the whole country's political system.

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