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Ajay Narang is the primary antagonist along Reshma Narang of the 1996 Bollywood film Chaahat.

He was portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah, who also played "The common man" in A Wednesday! and Khalujan in Ishqiya



He was overprotective brother about his sister. And serious about joke to his sister. taking care his sister where about such like singer it did't affected visitor but he use violent to get raoop by abuse his rival Patel


I brought you here (toilet) not humiliate but to beat up you. what you say at my sister ? (Minister: you're serious? I am Joking.) Joking, huh? no one can make a Joke to my sister. right? (Minister: rrrr right) and event people abject like you not allowed talk within. (kick minister groin) (Minister: Police!) police? Don't call them, they did't called. (Slap minister head) Stand up and refresh yourself. YOU TOO STINK! You no longer stink now. Before get out, comb your hair. And do not forget, Money help you became minister are mine. If I can success you, I can destroy you. (give tissue) Here, clean a sweat, button back your shirt
~ Anjay teach a lesson to minister do not make some joke at his sister