Aji Min is one of the protagonists of the fantasy manhwa Appetite.


Aji is a humanoid creature dubbed an "eater." As she explained to Dohoon, eaters were mutated versions of "drinkers," monsters who feed off of human blood. However in her exception, she needs to consume the human whole in order to survive. She was also considered the last of her kind due to eaters being immediately killed not too long after birth.

Aji makes her first appearance in episode one of the webtoon. When Dohoon first arrives to his new high school, he gets immediately bullied by his classmates for him being a paraplegic. While walking home one evening, Dohoon comes into contact with an alcoholic man, mourning at accidentally breaking his beer bottle. Out of sympathy for the man, Dohoon goes to walk back to the drunkard only to see in horror as Aji tears her teeth into the man's flesh, dismembering him effortlessly. When he was trying to escape, Aji smells him, and brightens up for unknown reasons.

Escaping, Dohoon is beaten to a bloody pulp by the schoolyard bullies, and Dohoon decides to end it all by jumping off of the school's building. Rather than dying, Dohoon is caught by Aji, who explains that Dohoon was one of those rare cases of a "grade a" human. Essentially, his flesh was exceptionally special as those who devoured his flesh could obtain near godlike abilities. Since Dohoon needs to be at least twenty before he could be eaten, Aji promises to "protect" Dohoon from other supernatural threats, but when he turned twenty, she would eat him and become a full-fledged drinker.

Given how valueless he believed his life to be, Dohoon accepts the offer, but he also asks her to extend her protection to his distant cousin Siyeon whom he had known for years. She initially declines this, but he ignorantly concluded that she was saying the opposite of what she meant.

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