The Akajusha are the red-clothed female footsoldiers of Geddon and antagonists in Kamen Rider Amazon.

They are primarily armed with rapiers and ride motorcycles. While they are enhanced to have 1.5 times the strength of a normal human, they are more often used for intelligence gathering rather than fighting Amazon, with the Beastmen of Geddon instead more often being used for combat.

Unique among combatmen in Kamen Rider, the Akajusha were ranked higher than Geddon's beastmen and were usually tasked with monitoring them on their missions. Following Geddon's destruction, the Akajusha were discontinued and succeeded by the Kurojusha of the Garanda Empire.

In the World of Amazon in Kamen Rider Decade, Geddon was seen using Dai-Shocker Combatmen instead of Akajusha after Llumu Qhimil allied with Dai-Shocker.


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