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Akakabuto, also known as Onikubi and Kurige, is the main antagonist of 1980's manga/anime Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, its prequel manga Ginga Densetsu Riki, and posthumous antagonist of the sequels Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion, Ginga: The Last Wars and Ginga Densetsu Noah. He is an demonic Asian black bear that is the father of Monsoon, who would serve as the main antagonist of Ginga: The Last Wars.


Akakabuto is a large Asian black bear with a red mane running down his back (in which is whathe was named after) Otherwise, despise being an Asian black bear he is brown and originally sized similar to the brown bears of Hokkaido. His right eye is blind, making it easier to tell him apart from his offspring. Akakabuto is originally around two–four meters in height, but eventually grew into incredibly twelve meters. In the end, his weight was about five-thousand kilograms.


Because Takeda Gohei shot Akakabuto's right eye out, he went insane and very hostile to humans and dogs. However, despite this and being animal, Akakabuto is not by no means stupid, and in fact, he is very smart and cunning. He can plan strategies to counter threats, like forming bear army to counter dog army and creating Gajō in Futago Pass. And when Akakabuto was blinded, he used his smell to detect them.



In Ginga Densetsu Riki, Akakabuto has been causing trouble by attacking and consuming the farmer's cattle and soon starts to attack humans. The hunter, Takeda Gohei starts to hunt the dangerous bear together with his dog Shiro. On a hunt, Akakabuto attacks Takeda Gohei and the other hunters causing all of them to die except Takeda Gohei who loses his left ear. Akakabuto and Shiro fight and Takeda Gohei does his best to protect his dog by shooting Akakabuto's right eye out causing him to go insane. Shiro sees no other option than to push Akakabuto and himself down a valley, Shiro dies but Akakabuto survives.


In Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, the hunt for Akakabuto has not stopped. Takeda Gohei is still hunting his death enemy to avenge Shiro and get payback for his ear. Takeda Gohei has got himself a new bear dog, Riki - the son of Shiro. Akakabuto manages to capture Takeda Gohei and Riki in a crack in a cliff. Akakabuto had wounded both Takeda Gohei and Riki. Akakabuto throws Riki into a valley as they fight but as Akakabuto is about to attack Takeda Gohei which he hate for shooting out his eye, the rescue team arrives and Akakabuto decides to flee.

Time passes and Akakabuto holds the Futago Pass in a firm grip but Gin and Daisuke do their best to fight him off. Riki, who survives the fall, has gathered a group of dogs as his army to overpower Akakabuto and bring him to his death, Akakabuto sees no other option but to do the same. He rallied up troops of bears as his minions, and sets them on guard to protect his main fortress, Gajou.

In the final battle, Akakabuto had hid his minions in the cracks of Gajou to surprise the dogs but Riki and his pack manage to kill off Akakabuto's minions. As Akakabuto is the only bear left, he fights fiercely against the dogs which leads to many deaths, including Akatora who tears out Akakabuto's remaining eye. Riki can't afford to lose any more dogs and shows Gin the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, they attack Akakabuto's back to cause disability of his arms. Even though Riki and Gin have used a destructive and deadly attack the monster bear refuses to die. But the dogs get help from Takeda Gohei who shoots Akakabuto once but not even that is enough, Akakabuto stands up yet again and attacks Takeda Gohei and Riki, they both get badly injured. Gin angrily uses the Battouga and slashes Akakabuto's head off, killing the demon bear and finally ending his reign of terror.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bear Physiology: Akakabuto has several physical attributes that surpasses that of most other bears, thought it is unknown what kind of bear he is.
  • Enhanced Strength: Akakabuto possesses large amounts of immense strength partly because of his enormous size. After growing much bigger, he easily can tear dogs apart, knock down trees and easily defeat Madara with a single strike. He was also strong enough to knock the Harpooned Bear off the rocky top of Gajō to his death.
  • Enhanced Speed: Like all normal bears, Akakabuto is extremely fast, despite his giant size and can easily outrun humans and dogs.
  • Enhanced Durability: Akakabuto is extremely durable, thanks to his thick fur and body build as he can withstand gunshots and dog bites.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Akakabuto's stamina is shown to be extremely high, never ever needing to stop or show no signs of exhaustion, especially during his battle with the dogs.
  • High-level Intellect: Despite being insane, Akakabuto is very intelligent as he was able to plan and build his palace Gajō.
  • Claws and Teeth: Like all bears, Akakabuto possesses razor sharp teeth and razor sharp claws, both of which are capable of biting and slashing.


  • Limited Durability: While very durable, Akakabuto is not invulnerable and can be taken down with enough force and power. However, the bear was finally defeated when he was eventually decapitated by Gin.


  • Although Akakabuto dies through decapitation in the manga and first anime adaptation, in the sequel anime adaptation of Ginga Densetsu Weed, he dies from a chest wound.

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