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She contracted with the gun devil and passed guns to the Yakuza. In exchange for that, Sawatari apparently demanded the chainsaw devil's heart.
~ Makima's reports to the bureau about Akane.

Akane Sawatari is the minor antagonist from Chainsaw Man and the secondary antagonist of the Katana Man arc. An enigmatic former Private Detective Hunter, it was revealed that she pledged her allegiance with the Gun Devil after making a contract with him and as a result, she seeks to obtain Denji's heart for her master. To that end, she conspires with Yakuza members including the likes of Katana Man while acting as a Weapons Dealer for them in order to obtain Denji's heart easier.


Akane appears as a young woman with short hair while also wearing a hoodie and shorts that reveals her legs. Most of the time, due to her taciturn and oftentimes stoic personality, she mostly supports an emotionless expression on her face which can slip when she's panicked. In one of her past photos, it is shown that she wore a white oversized hoodie.


It seems our youngsters went on a bit of a shooting spree in Tokyo. I'll answer whatever I can. Because I want you to understand this was not on my orders. From what I heard, this Sawatari woman is pulling the strings. Our youngsters were tricked into contracting with the gun devil with her as the intermediary.
~ The Yakuza Boss about his underlings being manipulated by Akane to be contracted by the Gun Devil.

Not much is known about Akane personality due to her being surrounded in enigma. However, she can be described as a serious and no-nonsense woman dedicated to her job on fulfilling her master wishes to get Denji's heart and tries to finish her job as efficiently as possible. Akane was also shown to be a skilled manipulator evidenced by the fact that she manages to gather Yakuzas to her side by letting them making a contract with Gun Devil in order to achieve her goal easier during her tenure as a weapons dealer due to her acting as an intermediary towards the Gun Devil.

However, when the tables turned against her, it was revealed that she is nothing but a coward as she can end up easily panicked and tries her own skin. Evidenced by the fact that she killed herself with her Snake Demon to avoid being interrogated. Her cowardice was also shown as she is seen being terrified with Makima and what she had done to the rest of her accomplices for a good reason, even warning the Katana Man about how absolutely horrifying Makima is if a person decided to mess with her due to the horrific fates that will be bestowed upon them.


Akane made her debut in Chapter 24 where Katana Man was overpowered during his fight against the Devil Hunters in which one of them, Aki, summoned a curse devil to kill him. As she complimented Aki about his fighting skills, she then heals Katana Man and orders him to finish Aki which resulted on him managing to overpower Aki and brutally wounding him. When one of the Devil Hunters, Himeno, attempted to stop the fight with her ghost devil, it was ended up in naught as Akane manages to overpower Himeno with her Snake Devil and causes Himeno's body to vanish despite using her last bits of power to revive Denji.

As Denji got revived, Akane then reminds Katana Man to not hurt Denji's heart during the fight while ordering the other Yakuza to bring more backups in order to help Katana Man winning the fight. After Denji was successfully knocked unconscious, suddenly Makima came back from her death and decides to brutally kill all of the Yakuza members with her own ritual much to both Katana Man and Akane's shock despite they arranged Makima's death in the first place alongside the rest of the Devil Hunters. As they attempted to run away to save their own skin, one of the devil hunters, Kobeni, intervenes with their business and then decides to save Denji from trouble. Defeated for the first time, both Akane and Katana Man decided to run away to save their own skin.

During their preparation to fight against the Devil Hunters, one of Katana Man accomplices suggest Katana Man being escorted to his villa to which Akane rebuffs his attempt due to how extremely powerful Makima is which resulted on Akane being scolded by said accomplice. At the same time, Akane also reminded the other accomplices to not worry about their leader and more worrying about getting bitten as a Zombie as it was revealed that both Katana Man and Akane attempted to prepare an oncoming onslaught by the Devil Hunters with Katana Man's grandfather's parting gift: A large zombie army considered of people who were unable to pay Katana Man's grandfather's debts.

As the Devil Hunter managed to do a small scale raid on Katana Man's headquarters, Akane then reminded Katana Man to not getting tad too excessive during the fight against him and Denji as she still needed his heart. Encountering Aki during the invasion, Aki attempts to overpower her with is new devil, The Future Devil, in the battle. However, it was revealed that she also made a contract with Himeno's Devil, the Ghost Devil, to defeat Aki.

As she got the upper-hand, Akane then attempts to choke Aki with her new devil. However, it was easily tamed by Aki due to the devil itself still has Himeno's memories while giving him a cigar that says "Easy Revenge" towards Aki. This resulted on Aki easily overpowers Akane's devil. Seemingly stopped, Akane attempts to summon her snake devil as a last resort. However, she was thwarted by Kobeni who put a knife on Akane's throat. According to Makima, as she was seemingly defeated and was attempted to brought to interrogation, Akane decides to commit suicide as a last resort in order to evade justice.