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NOTE: This article focuses on Akari as an antagonist in the game. For information regarding Akari as the playable character, click the following link.

Akari is one of the two antagonists of the 2013 indie video game Hello? Hell...o?. She is the main antagonist of the game, if played within Kazuki's point of view, while she is a main character during her own segments in the game as the playable character. She is encountered as a ghost within Kazuki's segments of the game.

Akari is portrayed as a ghost who harbors a deep, endless resentment against Kazuki due to the strain within their relationship, and would stop at nothing to kill the person she hated.



Not much is known about Akari's past life, other than her having a strained relationship with Kazuki, during their high school years. It is soon later revealed, however, that the Akari that Kazuki encounters within the alternate dimension the latter currently is in, is in fact already deceased prior to the events of the game. Her cause of death is unknown.

Hello? Hell...o?

Throughout the events of the game, Akari would endlessly haunt Kazuki in his own home within his own world, and would kill him depending on the actions he makes in the entire game.

In the true ending of the game, Mirrored Lovers, her ghost self would later reunite with the ghost Kazuki in the parallel world, after both her living self and living Kazuki reunited each other and confessed their love, in spite of them being in different worlds.


Akari appears as a teenage girl who wears a light green sundress. In her ghost form, she is seen with black hair, empty eye sockets, large black spot that appears to be her mouth, and dark blue skin. Her human form, on the other hand, has dark blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, and a peach skin color.


Akari's ghost form is often known to be a cruel and a malevolent stalker, as she desires to haunt and torment Kazuki in the dimension that he is currently in, when it was soon revealed that she was deceased.

Despite her obvious cruelty and her propensity to murder, it is later soon revealed that she shows a degree of empathy in the following endings, -We're Together- (Happy Ending) and Mirrored Lovers (True Ending), who desired to end her suffering of the relationship that she faced in the past.

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