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Akasha is a minor antagonist turned minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost, serving as one of the two main antagonists of the "Stirring Shadows" story event.


Akasha has pink skin and long magenta hair with cowlicks resembling horns. If her Adventurer story is to be believed, she used to have dark brown hair, pale skin, and more modest clothing. Both appearances show her to have gold eyes.


Stirring Shadows

When Curran and Heinwald visit a town called Teinsom for Lathna to rest, a sudden attack is delivered upon the village. However, Akasha steps in to stop the attack and welcome the three.

Afterward, she tells them about the Church-of-All and how they worship the dragon Hastur, with villagers seeking Hastur's blessing of immortality. After Heinwald and Curran find Lathna has gone missing, Akasha sends them to the church while secretly taking Lathna to another location with intent on awakening Nyarlathotep within her.

Adventurer Story

After the events of Stirring Shadows, Akasha makes her way to the Halidom where she manages to convince the main cast that she had been friends with them for ages. When Heinwald finds her there, she reveals she arrived for him and tells him of her origins before she became who she was.

She used to be an ordinary human who had to put up with a professor who took advantage of her and parents who wanted her to act as they desired. While she was working, she stumbled upon a grimoire of great power that spoke to her and showed her an image of herself which promised her the knowledge she desires. Upon accepting, Akasha was transformed forever.

When Heinwald refuses to accept her by telling her that they are incompatible, Akasha admits that the story she told is only one of many backstories and that she doesn't remember which one is the truth.


  • Unlike other Antagonists made playable who are redeemed either upon becoming playable or sometime before, Akasha is still a villain on account of her manipulating the Halidom party into letting her join without them even knowing her true colors.
  • One of her quotes on the main screen has her say that animals tend to flee from her when their eyes meet. The exception being bats whenever she is in her Halloween attire.
  • Akasha has a mysterious trait in which whoever she interacts with believes she is their old friend. However, it is revealed in Dragalia Life #168, she simply blackmails them and scares them into saying that she is their friend, as when she reveals she knows Curran didn't keep watch of Lathna to him.


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