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Akasha Shishidou is one of the main villain in the anime; Corpse Princess. He's an unofficial member of The Seven Stars, and seeks revenge on the Monks for lying to him.


Akasha is a former monk with long brown hair. He offend wears a red robe and carries several scrolls.

Corpse Princess


Years ago, Akasha was one of the top aces in the Kōgon Sect, who was proud and strong in his faith. He fell in love with is childhood friend; Hibiki, and were planning on starting a relationship. However, Hibiki was diagnosed with an unknown cancer, and was dying. Unable to cope with the lost of his fiancé, he turned her into a Shikabane Hime. The two became partners to destroy rampaging Shikabane. However as soon as Hibiki killed her 108th Shikabane, she reverted back into a destroyer Shikabane. Hibiki processed to attack her own comrades until Akasha was forced to kill her as Hazama laughs at his own amusement. The next day, Hibiki was to be sealed in the coffin, were she either never went to heaven or died in peace. Feeling betrayed Akasha went into exile planning on getting his revenge on the Kōgon Sect.

Joining the Seven Stars


Akasha Shishidou (Corpse Princess)

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