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Akatsuki (暁, Dawn) known as Akatsuki Academy (暁 学園, Akatsuki Gakuen) was a team of Blazers consisting of members of the seven Mage-Knight Academies who participated in the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival


Akatsuki was formed by Bakuga Tsukikage, the current Prime Minister of Japan, as apart of his plan to prove Japan as a superior nation able to leave the League of Mage-Knight Nations. To that end, he recruited seven students who were connected to the Underworld and Rebellion from the individual Seven Magic-Knight Academies who had become representatives of their respective schools to then dominate the 62nd Seven Stars Sword Art Festival as the students of Akaksuki Academy.

The main members were meant to act as the eighth Mage-Knight Academy, Akatsuki Academy, after defeating all the representatives of Hagun Academy to prove themselves, however, this failed as their member who infiltrated Hagun Academy, Nagi Arisuin decided to betray them sided with the friends that he had made. The main goal of Akatsuki to dominate the current Seven Stars Sword Art Festival failed after their members were soon defeated including their strongest A-Ranked Blazers Ouma Kurogane and Amane Shinomiya lost against Stella Vermillion and Ikki Kurogane respectively in the semi-finals.


Reisen Hiraga, a clown-like person revealed to be a puppet under Or-Gaule's control.

Amane Shinomiya, a boy with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sara Bloodlily, a girl with long blonde hair, with red and blue streaks of hair and dressed in overalls and an artist's apron.

Ouma Kurogane, a teenager nearing adulthood who has pale skin and long black hair, as his surname suggests, he is an older brother to Ikki Kurogane.

Yui Tatara (real name Fia), a girl with long black hair who also seems to be part of Rebellion.

Rinna Kazamatsuri, a girl with short pink hair who dresses in pink.

Nagi Arisuin, a guy with short black hair and has a preference for dark hair.


Akatsuki is the Japanese word for Dawn.

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