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But for over a hundred years, I kept pointlessly murdering over and over again. Yet, at the end of the day, it's just a pathetic, comical, uninteresting story.
~ Akaza about himself

Akaza, born Hakuji, is a major antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was the Upper Moon Three and the first demon to be promoted into Twelve Demon Moons by Muzan Kibutsuji.

He first appeared as the final antagonist of Demon Train Arc and considered Tanjiro as his personal rival and grew resentful towards him. Later, he fought Giyu and Tanjiro in the Dimensional Infinite Fortress to his death, but not before he managed to recall his past and took his own life as an act of remorse.


Physical Apperance

Akaza is a young-looking demon with medium build and chalk white skin, having pink hair and eyes with blue sclerae and orange irises, with "Upper Moon" and number "Three" written in both eyes. His body was covered in blue stripes.

When he was still human, as Hakuji, he had black hair and blue eyes. He also has three black criminal tattoo lines on each of his arms.


Akaza is a stubborn, harsh, short-fused and blood-thristy fighter who desires to fight the strong, respects the strong and loathes the weak. He also shares ill feeling to his colleagues and sees them as his own rival, especially hostile towards Kokushibou, the Upper Moon One, and Douma, the Upper Moon Two, who both held higher ranks than him. He shows a particularly strong interest to powerful opponents and will try to figure out their name. As a result, he remembered the name of every opponent he fought as a respect towards them.

In spite of his cruelty and wrath, Akaza had one special code; he never devours any women, in spite of eating female will actually make him even stronger, and Muzan gave him special permission to do so. He also shows a serious self-loathing tendency, valuing others above the good of himself.

All of his personality was influenced by his past life and the remnants of his own humanity, showing how dark and miserable his traumatic experiences were, to the point of being forced to become demonic and joined Muzan.




Demon Train Arc


Red Light District Arc


Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc



  • Akaza is the first Upper Moon that Tanjiro confronted, and the first who made his apperance in the manga.



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