Akechi Mitsuhide

Akechi Mitsuhide is one of the villains in the series Drifters made by Kohta Hirano. He is a historical figure that was famous for betraying Oda Nobunaga when Nobunaga's ambition to unify Japan was within his grasp. He later comes back as a member of the Ends.

Akechi Mitsuhide was first mentioned by Oda when told by Toyohisa after his downfall. When learned of Akechi's official fate written in history, Nobunaga praised peasants who purportedly killed Akechi and could've guaranteed no tax for life for them if were he still in Japan.

Easy later brings Akechi as an end albeit Injured and later brought to be nursed. Black King asked Akechi if strategy utilized in the Battle of Orte was familiar to him, to which Akechi says yes. Akechi Expresses that so long as he can kill Oda Nobunaga Akechi would join the Ends as a subordinate of Black King. Apparently he hates his former lord so much to the point that he is eagerly willing to become someone's minion just to kill Nobunaga Oda.

He later appears in the conquest of the Southern land occupied by the Drifters leading the Black King's army. He was in great awe of Black King's genius expertise in more than one field. He wonders that if Black King is the figure he heard about.

Also showing himself towards Oda who rages at the sight of seeing him Akechi mocks him about his son's death. His provocation failed, however, when Toyohisa kicked Nobunaga, who almost fell for Akechi's provocation, in the face back into his sense.

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