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The Morning Star... also known as Lucifer. The star that was originally an angel, but chose to become the Devil.
~ Akio Ohtori

Akio Othori (in Japanese: 鳳 暁生, Ōtori Akio) is the main antagonist of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga and anime.

He is the chairman of the Ohtori Academy. The brother of the Rose Bride Anthy, Akio was once the godlike Prince Dios who gave up his divine nature for human pleasures. The punishment that was meant for him, he passed on to his sister. 

Akio is a sensual seducer who values control and dominance, over all else. He engages in an incestuous relationship with Anthy and will cross any moral boundary to keep the power of her and others. His name is derived from the Japanese word; "Morning Star", which he himself identifies with the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, or the Devil. 

Akio is a skilled swordsman and psychological threat. 

In the anime, he was voiced by Jurota Kosugi in Japanese and Josh Mosby in English, while being voiced by Crispin Freeman in the thirteen episode of the English dub. In the movie, he was voiced by Mitsuhiro Oikawa in Japanese and Josh Mosby in English. 


During his youthful years, he and Prince Dios were once the same people, but eventually, he became corrupted and he lost his purpose as "prince". At some point, his sister, Anthy Himemiya spat the two intentionally. In the anime, Akio's fall is much more different in the manga, it appears to be catalyzed by Anthy and his own loss of faith in the world that tortures both him and his sister. In order to regain his power, he created the Dueling Game to create a Duelist with a sword that is noble and powerful enough to break the Rose Gate sealing his power. In the movie adaptation, Prince Dios was merely an illusion created by Anthy to hide Akio's flaws and a hero she can believe in.

In the anime, Akio chooses the titular protagonist of the franchise, Utena Tenjou to his advantage and both became lovers. In order to decide whether or not to see if she is powerful enough, he tests her to choose to save her friend or her supposed-prince.

While Akio sexually abuses Anthy, she starts to guilt over manipulating the duelists and attempts to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Utena. Akio tries to convince Utena to become his princess, but she denies his offer and duels against him. As Utena gains the upper hand, she is stabbed in the back by Anthy. While Utena watches Anthy being impaled by the swords of hatred, Akio attempts to use Utena's sword to open the Rose Gate. However, he is goaded by Prince Dios as Utena drags herself to the Rose Gate and opens it. As she continues fighting for Anthy, a coffin that contains Anthy's true self appears. As tears fall down to her face, Anthy to reach for Utena's hand, duelist ends up falling to her presumed death.

In the aftermath, as Anthy walks down the halls and hearing others talked about Utena, she headed toward Akio's chairman's office who informs her that he restarted the rules of the Rose Gate. She then takes off her glasses and tells him that she leaving the academy to find Utena. What happened to Akio afterward is unknown. In the film, after he realizes that Anthy was lucid when he drugged and raped her, he commits suicide by throwing himself out the window.


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