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Akira Mado is an antagonist turned major protagonist in the manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re. she is a former ghoul investigator and the daughter of Kureo Mado whos goal is to avenge her parents and wipe out the ghoul race till she saved the turned Seidou Takizawa and was recruited into Goat to destroy V and bring the world to peace by having humans and ghouls coexist with each other.


Akira is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and purple eyes (pale grey-green in Root A)

She is often seen in professional clothes in a purple suit and high heel shoes along with black tights and a red undershirt with a red necktie.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, Akira's hair has grown out and her eye color has changed back to purple.


Akira always acts professional while she's working and does whatever she can to not waste time so she can complete her goal to exterminate all ghouls. She also had a deep admiration for her father as she thinks that he was doing good by killing all ghouls but failed to realize that he was just an insane psychopath who just wanted to retain his bloodlust.

While she may seem homicidal, she does have actually emotions as she eventually fell in love with Koutarou Amon even after blaming him for her father's death. These feelings were shown further when she was mourning after Amon and Takizawa's apparent deaths and still didn't get over it after two years later.


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