So many strangers
~ Human Akira
So...nobody can get away
~ Shibito Akira
Akira is one of the 10 protagonists and the first boss of the horror game, Siren

Human Akira

Akira is an hunter who lost his family during a earthquake from the failure of the original ceremony to revive Datasushi in 1976, he is a friend of another protagonist called Tamon Takeushi, who also lost his family during the earthquake. Akira makes his way over through the town mines, leading to his first encounter with the Shibito, exiting the mines, Akira meets TV presenter and model Naoko Mihama. He warned her that by coming into contact with the red water, she will become a Shibito. Hours later, he saves Yoriko from 2 Shibitos but then he realized that theres no way to escape from the shibito, then killed himself, In the beginning of Day 2, Akira finds himself resurrected, realized that he has become a shibito, he started to kill any human that he finds, later, Shibito Akira shoots Yoriko, and tries to kill Tamon. Minutes later, Tamon and Akira fight each other on the stone bridge and Akira is killed by Tamon. During Day 3, Shiro Miyata heads to Haraydori. Akira returns but this time he is a Fly Shibito, Shiro make his way through the town, finding explosives and destroying the Shibito Brain in the area. Akira is then rendered unconscious until the Brain revives, when Kyoko Suda unleashes the Uryen as part of his attempt to destroy all Shibito, Akira was completely destroyed along with the rest of the Shibito.


  • Akira is the only boss of the game that uses a sniper in combat.
  • Akira is the only boss of the game that became a Fly Shibito
  • Akira is perhaps the counterpart of Seigo Saiga, Both became a Shibito, Both use a similar gun in combat, Both commite suicide, Both saved a person by shooting a Shibito at a watchtower.
  • Unlike Akira, Seigo Saiga has 3 version of himself: Original Seigo Saiga, Reverse Timeline Seigo Saiga and Shibito Seigo