Akish is one of the main antagonists in the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series by Chris Heimerdinger. Akish appears as the main antagonist of Warriors of Cumorah and Tower of Thunder, a major antagonist in Sorcerers and Seers, and the secondary antagonist of Drums of Desolation. Akish is the king of the Jaredites and the husband of Asherah.

Warriors of Cumorah

Akish goes to the year 1841 and acts under the alias Shika. He collaborates with Todd Finlay and the men of the 19th century to work against Mary, Becky, and Josh. In the end, Akish chases Mary, Josh, Becky, and Todd to a cave that leads to a time-travel rift. Akish, needing human blood to finish forging his sword, kills Todd Finlay and tries to do the same to Mary, Josh, and Becky. In the struggle, Josh, Becky, and Mary escape with Akish's sword and end up in 3000 BC.

Tower of Thunder

Akish goes to the modern century to interrogate Jim Hawkins about the whereabouts of his sword. When he does not find his sword in the Hawkins household, Akish burns Jim's house to the ground and escapes.

Akish goes to 3000 BC, where he reuses the Shika alias. He goes to Nimrod's court and meets Harry and Steffanie Hawkins, who are in Nimrod's custody. While Harry and Steffanie are escaping, Akish tries to stop them. He and Nimrod's men recapture Steffanie, but Harry escapes.

Later, when Josh runs away with Akish' sword to find a time rift to the Nephites' times, Akish finds him. Akish threatens to kill Josh but is stopped when Harry, Steffanie, Becky, Gidgiddonihah, Pagag, Micah, and Jesse arrive. Harry, Gid, Pagag, Micah, and Jesse fight and defeat Akish. Recognizing he cannot win, Akish takes his sword, opens a time rift, and takes Josh into it.

Kingdoms and Conquerors

In the tenth book, it is revealed that Akish left Josh in his prison for several years. Eventually, Akish' wife Asherah let Josh out.

Sorcerers and Seers

Having lost his sword once again, Akish goes to Nephite times and ambushes Josh, Marcos, and Garth. Akish takes the Golden Plates from Josh and tells him to bring him his sword in return for the Golden Plates.

Drums of Desolation

Near the beginning of the book, Akish reunites with Josh, who has brought him his sword. Akish tries to hang Josh from a noose, but is stopped by Marcos. Akish is attacked by Josh, Marcos, and turncoat Jaredites. Akish is beheaded by one of his own clan members.

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