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Akito Sohma (in Japanese: 草摩 慊人, Sōma Akito) is the main antagonist of the 2001 Fruits Basket anime.

He was voiced by Murasaki Wakaba in Japanese and Chad Cline who also voiced Akira Sohma in English. As young from first anime, he was voiced by Yuka Imai who also voiced Arisa Uotani in the Japanese version and Aaron Dismuke who also voiced Hiro Sohma and Kakeru Manabe in the English version.


Akito Sohma has black hair and grey eyes. Everything mentioned about how Akito tries to hide his feminine figure is subverted here and visibly shows Akito's chest.


Shigure visits Akito Sohma, the head of the Sohma family, who decides to entrust Tohru with the Sohma secret. When Tohru on a way home after finish talk with Hatori and she catches a glimpse of Akito but does not formally meet him. At New Year's Day, Shigure informs Akito of Yuki and Kyo's absence.

Akito comes to the high school and introduces himself to Tohru. Yuki is terrified when he sees Akito with Tohru, assuming he threatened her, or did something else. Akito then confronts him about skipping the banquet held on New Year's Day. He threatens Yuki about his past, to when he was whipped constantly in an isolated room, which physically and mentally traumatizes Yuki. Tohru interrupts this by pushing Akito away, however feeling awful for doing it, in order to excuse Yuki to go back to class with her. Akito takes his leave soon thereafter.

After Kyo transform to Cat's true form and run away from Tohru, Akito appears, as he taunts her about the knowledge of the Sohma family secret. Akito soon leaves when Shigure locates the two.

Tohru asks Shigure permission to speak with Akito, he talks to her privately, mentioning that Akito bears the core of the curse and does not have very long to live. Yuki, Shigure, and Hatori accompany Tohru to the Sohma main residence to see Akito. After an initially meek exchange, Akito seizes her by her hair in a rage after Tohru is unable to say why she came, but Yuki and Shigure restrain him from hurting her further.

However, she begins to feel sympathetic, explaining that he still has a life to live. Releasing her hair from his hand, Akito eventually realizes that Tohru accepts the Sohma family curse.


No! I won't allow it! I refuse to allow it!
~ Akito to Kana
If Hatori loses his sight, it's your fault!
~ Akito to Kana
Do you think you can lift the Sohma curse? Do you?
~ Akito to Kana
It feels like such a long time since we last saw each other, doesn't it?
~ Akito to Yuki
Why did you skip the New Year's banquet? Why would you think to do a thing? I've been quite tolerant lately, have I not? And the fact that you would do something like that...
~ Akito to Yuki
Perhaps... I need to take some time to re-educate you... in that little room. The one I keep especially for you...
~ Akito to Yuki
Do you think you could go against me and not pay the price?
~ Akito to Yuki
She is probably the ugliest girl I've even seen... ...and she's not too bright either... I doubt I have anything to worry about from a girl like that. Yuki won't be interested in her for long... And he won't be able to go against me for much longer, not if he wants to be happy... After all, it's obvious that Yuki is still terrified when he sees me... I think he remembers where his true loyalties lies...
~ Akito to Shigure
I will make you regret... you ever had anything to do with the Sohmas!
~ Akito to Tohru
I was born in order to die... That's what was decided.
~ Akito Sohma
I want you to erase this girl's memory! Do it! Now! Hatori!
~ Akito to Hatori



  • Akito's relationship with Shigure in this version is completely different from their relationship in the manga and the 2019 anime adaptation. In this anime version, Shigure sees Akito as the dangerous head of the family, but is not afraid of him.
  • His parents is never mentioned.
  • It is unknown that he was born as God of the Zodiac or not.
  • He is scared of dying young.

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