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I am Akivasha! I am the woman who never died, who never grew old! Who fools say was lifted from the earth by the gods, in the full bloom of her youth and beauty, to queen it forever in some celestial clime! Nay, it is in the shadows that mortals find immortality! Ten thousand years ago I died to live for ever! Give me your lips, strong man!
~ Robert E. Howard, The Hour of the Dragon, Chapter 18.

Akivasha is a minor antagonist in the 1935 Conan story The Hour of the Dragon by the late Robert E. Howard. She appears as the main antagonist in the 1997 film Kull the Conqueror, which is a loose adaptation of The Hour of the Dragon and the character's role was merged with Xaltotun.

In the 1997 film adaptation Kull the Conquerer, she was portrayed by Tia Carrere, who also portrayed Juno Skinner in True Lies.


Whatever her nature, Akivasha's name became legend the world over. She apparently remained in Stygia, eventually coming to dwell in the Temple of Set, in Khemi, the capitol of Stygia. There she dwelled in the shadows, living off of priests, magicians, and virgins captured and brought to her.

When Conan came to the Temple of Set, in search of the Heart of Ahriman, he was pulled aside by Akivasha as he stalked the corridors. At first, he believed her to be just a fair-skinned maiden, and warily followed her when she offered to take him to Thutothemes, who had the Heart. However, within her chambers, as she sought to seduce him, he found the empty sarcophagus of Akivasha, and he realized her true nature. Nonetheless, she entranced him with her tale, and sought to make him her own: "Love me, O Man! Give me your blood to perpetuate my youth--and I will make you too immortal...for I weary of priests and magicians and captive screaming virgins! I desire...a man. Love me, barbarian--love me!" As her teeth pierced his neck, Conan overcame her spell and hurled her away. He drew his sword and threatened to cut her in half if she approached him again. Then her chamber went black and Conan rushed out of it in a mad panic, leaving behind her sweet, hellish laughter.



  • Akivasha is probably the only monster that Conan did not manage to defeat.

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