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Akiyasu Kurahashi (倉橋 秋泰, Kurahashi Akiyasu) is a main character from Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. He is from the Night faction, and a potential love interest for Futaba Saotome.

Akiyasu had a villainous role in Dawn Book I and is the primary antagonist of the Dawn chapter. He has not yet had his main route released in the game, though his faction's route (Night Book I) was recently released in the Japanese version.

In the Dawn chapter, Akiyasu planned to revive his murdered father by sacrificing a powerful onmyouji. He met Futaba and realized she was an onmyouji and so trained her in the art until she was powerful enough to work as a sacrifice. However, his plans were foiled by Futaba and the Dawn Faction.


Akiyasu grew up with his father, who was an onmyouji. One of his most precious memories is riding a boat out on the lake with his father, where he expressed his intention to help people using onmyoudo like his father did.

Akiyasu's ambitions changed when his father was killed on the orders of the Meiji government, which had forbidden onmyoudo. After that, Akiyasu held a grudge against the government and swore he would use his powers to bring his father back.

Akiyasu took a job with the military, where he befriended Tatsuomi Oyama. They became very close and even ended up sharing a dorm. During this time, Akiyasu also started burying hex totems in order to summon Wraiths to the capital, so that his plan would work. The Wraiths began to possess animals and people, which the military had to fight against.

Dawn Book I

During Book I of the Dawn chapter, Akiyasu finally met a suitable sacrifice: an onmyouji girl named Futaba Saotome who had just come into her powers. Giving his name as "Aki," he began to train Futaba so she would be powerful enough, but he didn't count on her forming strong bonds with five Ayakashi she'd made contracts with during their past incarnations.

Kyonosuke Aizen discovered that an onmyouji was responsible for the Wraith appearances, and called him the "fox-masked fiend," due to Akiyasu disguising himself with a fox mask. Futaba discovered Akiyasu was this onmyouji after exorcising a possessed Raiju, when a white egret (Akiyasu's familiar) flew out of the Raiju's mouth. Futaba then confronted Akiyasu, who revealed his real name and all of his intentions. At this point, Futaba's father Mototaka appeared to defend his daughter and ended up taking a hex Akiyasu meant to cast on Futaba. Mototaka passed out after that.

Dawn Book II

In all the Dawn Book II routes, variations of Akiyasu's story occured. Commanalities between these stories are that Akiyasu lied to Futaba that her father was dead (except in Koga Kitamikado's route) and was able to summon the corrupted soul of Taira no Masakado. He attempted to sacrifice Futaba to Masakado in exchange for the revival of his father, but he failed. After this, Mototaka was found alive and well.

Aoi's Route

In Aoi's route, Akiyasu cast a spell on Futaba, showing her a world where she and Aoi never met. This alternate timeline had Akiyasu as her only friend, and her father ended up being executed for causing the red eyes (which was actually the Wraiths' doing). She was in such despair after that that she agreed to give her soul to Akiyasu. However, Aoi managed to break into this dream and bring Futaba to her senses, and she returned to the real world. Realizing Futaba would not be his sacrifice now, Akiyasu allowed Masakado to possess him instead.