Aksana is a former WWE Diva who mostly acted as a villainess during her wrestling career. Back when she was a Diva hopeful on NXT, Aksana was paired up with Goldust as her pro, but the relationship turned romantic when Aksana was facing deportation back to her native Lithuania. To keep her in the US, Goldust married her, but when it came time to kiss the bride, Aksana turned heel and slapped Goldust right on his face. She later stated that she didn't love Goldust and the only reason why she married him was to stay in the US.

Aksana was eliminated from the NXT competition, but she would become part of the SmackDown roster in August 2011, portraying a love interest for GM Theodore Long. After Long lost his position as GM, Aksana turned into a villainess and dumped him; later revealing that she was having a romantic fling with Antonio Cesaro. After that relationship ended, Aksana began aligning with Eve Torres, after it was revealed that she donned a blonde wig and attacked Divas Championship contender Kaitlyn at Night of Champions in September 2012, leading to Eve replacing her and winning the Divas Championship. Aksana attacked Kaitlyn a second time at Survivor Series, but she was fought off.

In recent months, the evil Aksana aligned with Alicia Fox to form the duo commonly known as "Foxsana," and they feuded with the cast of Total Divas as well as Paige. Aksana's villainous role came to an end on June 9, 2014 when she was attacked by Alicia after she was defeated by Paige. Aksana was released by WWE on June 12, 2014

Aksana's villainous traits include her seductive charms, her revealing ring gear, and crawling around the ring. She also carried herself with a lot of arrogance, and was very ruthless and vicious in the ring.

Physical Appearance

Aksana's most standout attributes are her somewhat muscular physique, her sexy and revealing in-ring outfits, and her Lithuanian accent.


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