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Akudaikan is the evil ruler of Dark Fall and the secondary antagonist of Futari wa Purikyua Splash★Star.

He wants to take over the World Tree, and has managed to capture six of the seven fountains that irrigate it. He has sent out minions to search for the location of the last of these fountains, the Fountain of Sun. He appears as a shadow-covered, towering-robed demon-alike being with a pair of glowing red eyes that shine out of the cave in which he lives. His name comes from two words, "aku (evil)" and "daikan (a local administrator of Tokugawa shogunate)".

It is later revealed that Akudaikan is actually not the true creator of Dark Fall; he was just a creation of his own "aide," Goyan.


Through almost the whole series Akudaikan appears to be in charge sending out the other villains to capture to find out where the fountain of the sun is and capture Flappy and Choppy. He is first seen scolding Karehan about his two previous failures while talking to his seemly manservant like Goyan and doesn't tolerate failure in any of his servants. He threatens to destroy them on multiple occasions and he banishes the Kiryuu sisters when they refuse to destroy pretty cure and beg for their freedom. In the last few episodes it is revealed that Goyan created him and Dark Fall as a tool to try to destroy all the fountains. When he is nearly defeated by Pretty Cure Goyan shows his true form and destroys Akudaikan.


  • He is similar in nature to the Dark King of the previous two seasons.
  • He is the first main villain in the Pretty Cure series to be part of "the man behind the curtain" cliche as a front for the real villain Goyan who's true nature is not revealed until the last few episodes.


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