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Akunobo Sugitani is an evil warrior responsible for murdering Toha Yamaji's parents and the main antagonist of episode 28 of Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya.

He was voiced by Takeshi Watabe, who also voiced Don Horror, God Neros and Emperor Gaohm in the Metal Hero series.


Many years before Dokusai betrayed Togakure-ryu and Tetsuzan became the school's 34th grandmaster, Akunobo Sugitani attacked the Togakure-ryu village in search of the clay board leading to the Pako. In the process, Akunobo killed the mother and father of an infant Toha, the former of whom was a descendant of the alien who brought the Pako to Earth. Akunobo was eventually fought off and retreated into the mountainside, never to be seen for some time, while the orphaned Toha was adopted by Tetsuzan.

17 years later, when Toha was now an adult, Akunobo returned with an army of ninjas to try to steal the clay board once again. After Akunobo made his presence known by attacking some villagers, Tetsuzan and Toha traveled to the village to face him. Toha became Jiraiya to fight him, but was beaten and critically injured in the process. However, after being healed by Rei, Toha was able to go out and fight him again.

In the mean time, Akunobo murdered the elder of the village and lay in wait for Jiraiya to come face him. After fighting off Akunobo's ninja henchmen, Jiraiya battled Akunobo and killed him with a slash from his Light Vacuum Sword, avenging his parents at last.


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