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The Akurans are an antagonistic group in Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light. They are the Russian crime syndicate operating in Seattle.


Infamous: First Light

The Akurans spread their presence in Seattle. After Abigail Walker escaped the cops, her brother Brent sent her into the apartment which was owned by the Akurans to steal a red duffel bag filled with money. Until Abigail reach the dock, the Akurans abducted Brent and destroyed the boat.

Abigail worked with Shane and his thugs in a waging war with the Akurans while trying to find Brent. This resulted for the Akurans to be expelled from the first section, and the Shane's thugs to take over the void.

Infamous: Second Son

The Akurans remained only in the second section probably due to the help of Abigail for Shane's thugs. They are first met by Delsin Rowe while trying to find Eugene Sims, because they attempt to catch escaped conduit-positives so the Department of United Protection will reward them. After Delsin found Eugene, it is revealed that the Akurans held an alliance to the D.U.P. and are looking after an exchange of conduit-positives for them. If Delsin choosed to corrupt Eugene, the pair teamed up at eliminating the Akurans and delivering the conduits, causing the Akurans to call the D.U.P. for help. Despite being defeated and their plans being ruined, the Akurans go on to operate in Seattle, the Akurans and always persecute local positive-conduits for a while.

Although the Akurans are villains, killing those groups would give an evil karma for Delsin.


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