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Our war is not for our faith. We fight to remove all foreign power from our soil. We are Al-Qatala. We are the Killers. We fight without sorrow. We wage war without sympathy. This is the only way to live....and die. A true soldier.
~ Al-Qatala's belief by Omar Sulaman.

Al-Qatala (in Arabic: القتلة) are the secondary antagonistic faction of the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the reboot of the Modern Warfare series. They are an international terrorist organization based in Urzikstan, which has been founded by the terrorist leader known as Omar "Wolf" Sulaman.

They are featured in the main storyline campaign as an enemy faction, and, mentioned the backstories of several operators from the Allegiance and Coalition factions in Multiplayer.

The organization is based on believing of removing any kinds of foreign power from any countries worldwide via terrorist acts or mass murders, thus, the world would be in peace.



The organization was firstly founded by Omar Sulaman in Urzikstan, years prior to the game's events, in response to the occupation of the country by Russian forces under the command of Roman Barkov. Pursuing independence via the removal of all foreign occupiers from the country, soon the group would spread to include underground terrorist cells operating across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

With this power, "the Wolf" was able to transform his movement into a shockingly violent terrorist network that became bent on inflicting mass casualties and various other atrocities anywhere and anytime. Al-Qatala is known to be extremely capable of carrying out indiscriminate conventional attacks against both civilian and military targets, and has aspired to use weapons of mass destruction. It is suspected of being responsible for the recent theft of Russian-made chemical weapons, such as chlorine gas and for a recent conventional attack on Piccadilly Circus by an underground cell operating in the United Kingdom.

Al-Qatala is directly opposed by the Urzikstan Liberation Force, a paramilitary organization that is led by Farah Karim which was created in opposition to the occupation of the country by Barkov's forces, as well as the actions of the terrorist organization. As a result, the terror group is relentless in its pursuit of Karim and the forces under her command. Instructions are to take no prisoners, rather they are directed to kill them at all costs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 

Fog of War

In the opening for the game's main storyline ,The Wolf is reading the main goal of the organisation as a group of soldiers from it are preparing for making a new terrorist attack in Urzikstan. The group land in a city, where a Al-Qatala member is bombing himself, killing dozens of citizens in the process, including children, with others doing so as well.

Organization Structure

The organization has a normalized structure for any kinds of organization, even for a terrorist one, such as;

  • Omar Sulieman/The Wolf - Founder and Leader
  • Many other members


Like many other terrorist organizations, Al-Qatala has variety of skills such as;

  • High-Level Intelligence: The organization is built on massively wise intelligence, knowing locations and spots of attack or the spots of the enemies, as well as to outsmart the enemy itself. 
  • Mastery of Combat and Weapons: The organization members are well known to be experts in combat and how to ulitize weapons or bombs. 
  • Rich Variety of Resources: Al-Qatala is equipped with extremely rich variety of vast resources in order to carry out their actions. 
  • Mastery of Terrorism: They are capable of carrying out conventional terrorist attacks or counter-military attacks thanks to their skills.



  • In Arabic, Al-Qatala means "The Killers" or "The Assassins". 
  • The organization is based on and inspired by the real-life terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.
  • This is the second antagonistic faction in the Call of Duty franchise to be Arabic terrorist organisation, with the first being OpFor.


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