So! The famous reporter! ...A little kid with big ideas, like he's gonna make war on Al Capone... On me, the King of Chicago!
~ Al Capone meeting Tintin after capturing him.

Al Capone is a major antagonist in The Adventures of Tintin. He is the unseen overarching antagonist in Tintin in the Congo and one of the main antagonists of Tintin in America. He is a caricature of the real-life gangster of the same name.


Tintin in the Congo

Tintin stopped one of Capone's operations in the Congo, and at the end of the adventure, discovered that Capone was the mastermind of an operation of diamond's smuggling. Al Capone and his cronies rule over every illegal market in the USA. Capone plush in the Metropole Hotel in downtown Chicago, ensure they could continue Torrio’s Chicago operations.

Tintin in America

Right, you guys, listen, and listen good ... Tintin, world reporter number one is coming here to clean up. That's tough on us, and I'm not kidding! He busted my diamond racket in the Congo and landed my pals in the cooler ... So here's the score: not one single day does he spend in Chicago... OK?
~ Capone ordering several gangsters to get rid of Tintin.

Tintin, along with his dog Snowy, arrived in Chicago to stop Capone. Resentful of the reporter who stopped his illegals activities in Africa, the gangster ordered his minions to get rid of the boy reporter. His arrival is eagerly awaited by the gangsters, who kidnap him as soon as he gets off the train. He nevertheless escapes and then loses track of the bandits in a car accident. The next day, Tintin fell right into Capone's trap. Tintin knocked out Capone and tied up the gangster, along with two of his henchmen. Then he tells a police officer he captured Capone but the police don't believe him and knocks him out with a baton. This allows Al Capone to escape. A rival leader, Bobby Smiles, decides to recruit Tintin to eliminate Al Capone. Faced with his refusal, Smiles tries to kill him twice, without success, and is then forced to flee after the arrest of his gang.

Capone then sent a letter to Tintin's hotel room, warning him to take a train to New York. Tintin, however, dismissed this threat.

Other Appearances

  • In the animated adaptation of the Book, he was given a much bigger role. Instead of there being individual criminals, they are all led by Capone himself.



  • Al Capone is the first real-life person to appear in a Tintin comic.
  • Tintin's ultimate failure to capture Capone reflects on the fact that the real-life Capone was still active at the time of writing.
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