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Al Chapman is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He debuted on August 2019 and since then has served as a secondary antagonist from 2020-2022 onwards.

He is portrayed by Michael Wildman.


Al Chapman first came to Emmerdale in August 2019; he is the ex-wife of Jessie Grant and the father of their son Ellis, with whom he has a estranged father-son bond with due to their past.

Upon settling himself in the village, Al begins a romance with local resident Pyria Sharma. He also began working for Pyria's boss Kim Tate, whose romantic partnership and secret marriage with her right-hand man Graham Foster has collapsed. Soon enough, Kim seduces Al and requests him to dismiss Graham when the latter leaves Home Farm to start anew. In 2020, she orders Al to kill Graham but later changes her mind; however, Al doesn't see Kim's text of her change of heart and attempts to kill Graham - only to find out that he had already been murdered. Al then claims to have killed Graham and wants the money Kim promised to give him for doing the job; it also becomes apparent that Al may implicate either Kim or her son, Jamie, for the crime. But she later discovers his lies when Graham's killer, Pierce Harris, is exposed and arrested by Rhona Goskirk - the woman whom Graham had fallen in love with and tried to protect from Pierce, her ex-husband rapist, before his death.

By the end of 2020, Al had proposed to Pyria and the pair decide to get married. This goes against the advice of Pyria's brother Jai, who distrusts Al and is also spektical of Pyria's relationships ever since her marriage to his business rival Rakesh Kotchea had completely fallen off the grid. Netherless Jai and Pyria's father, Rishi, decides to give Al his blessing for Pyria's sake against Jai's objections. In Christmas that year, however, Al is revealed to be two-timing on Pyria with fellow entreprenur Debbie Dingle. In 2021, Debbie and Pyria learn that Al has been playing them for fools and decide to get their revenge by stealing Kim's money and framing Al as the culprit. This works successfully until Al seduces Debbie's mother, Charity, and tricks her into admitting Debbie's involvement in the theft of Kim's stolen money; Al later exposes this to Kim, who in turn forces Debbie and Pyria to repay their debt to her before offering Al his job back.

Since then, Al's actions have sabotaged Debbie's relationship with Charity whereas Pyria comes to resent him for his deception. She attempts to get one over Al by seducing Ellis, but instead decides to tell Ellis the truth about his father's betrayal; Ellis in turn disowns Al at the point where their relationship seems to have improved. At the same time, Al has becomes enemies with Debbie's hardman father Cain and the two embark on a lenghly feud from then onwards. Al soon clashes with the rest of the Dingle family by provoking Cain's nephew Aaron Livesy and his husband Robert Sugden over their business conflict. He also antagonizes Cain and Charity's cousin, Marlon, over his marriage with Jessie; later on Marlon retaliates by smashing Al's car.

Towards the end of 2021, Al has been seducing Cain's sister Chas and forges a business partnership with her. It soon becomes clear that Al plans to extract control of Chas' public house, The Woolpack, on behalf of his investor Gavin. This later involved blackmailing Chas' husband, Paddy Kirk, after Al had found out about Paddy's involvement in Kim's illict activities. When Cain learns about Al's scheme, he kidnaps him and threatens to kill him until Chas intervenes at the last minute. Cain then confronts Chas for supposedly working with Al, only for Chas to reveal that she is merely partnering with Al to uncover his ulterior motives - thus disclosing that Chas never trusted Al to begin with in the first place.

By Christmas 2021, Al learns about Chas' plan with the Dingles and they have a falling out. Al then attempts to persuade business manager Nicola King to rally the villagers on his side for the project, but she too turns against him. Al then allows Gavin to plan on arsoning the pub in order to finalize his scheme, but this instead fails and in doing so allows serial killer Meena Julta to take her sister Manpreet captive - as Manpreet had just discovered the truth about Meena's homicidal crimes.

In 2022, Al confronts the Dingles after learning that Cain has forced Gavin to leave the square - thus ruining Al's chances of proposing that he help Chas acquire the funds needed to buy back The Woolpack on sale. Cain refuses to let Al get the pub and the pair enter a bidding war along with Kim, but none of them with after Charity reveals that she and her son Ryan had brought the pub; Al nontheless remains co-manager of the pub along with Chas.

Later on, Al antagonizes Cain by spending time with the latter's young son Kyle Wyatt and his mother Amy. Soon enough Al finds himself catching the attention of Amy's mother Kerry, and the pair begin dating against Cain's objections. Al also begins clashing with Cain's wife Moira Barton and her brother Mackenzie Boyd. As time goes on, Al and Kerry continue dating. She even allows Al to move with her after he defends her stepdaughter, Amelia Spencer, from Charity's wayward son Noah after catching the latter badmouthing her. Al also continues to antagonize Jai until his girlfriend, Laurel Thomas, comes to his defense and reprimands Al for his behaviour.


  • He was born in 23rd November from an unknown year.